Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wake up call

Wake up call has come- better late than never! No, I'm not talking about within a hotel room, I'm talking about a life wake up call. Below you see a picture of my friend Miranda and I. Yes this is a couple of years old, I know I don't look like that anymore and that's part of the problem too. I got a phone call Thursday night while walking through Home Depot from Miranda's dad. Miranda had a stroke, and he was calling to tell me about it. HELLO! She is 23 years old and I'm 25. Miranda and I were very close when I lived at home but since I moved over here we haven't kept in contact like we should. Anyway, I was speechless as he was telling about how she at first for couldn't move the left side of her body for two days and on and on. What had happened? She had complained about headaches and been to the ER twice for them but they gave her medicine and sent her home. Then she woke up Sunday morning and couldn't move- just like that! Thankfully David was sharing with me how it was such a God thing b/c she was recovering and they thought she was going to be okay. He wanted me to know so I could be be praying for her recovery but also that she would take care of herself. Then he added the dreeded words, like you need to do too! Thanks David, I know they were said in love!

Can I share my thoughts?

Personally, I see how life is so short. I've been to way to many funerals to count for people not my grandparents age but my age. I've been in the ICU holding a friend's hand praying they wouldn't give up and keep fighting to live. I see it, hear it and try to deal with it. However, once again God sends me a wake up call b/c I lost focus on things that matter. I haven't taken care of myself as the temple God created me to be. I'm not losing the weight I need to or working out. I'm not sleeping at night. I'm not saying no to things to spend time for myself. I'm having to get two steroid shots in a week, b/c my body can't fight off the infection on its own. HELLO! What am I thinking? Why can't I just do right and take care of myself. Anyway, I'm starting off again saying Great things are yet to come and I'm gonna change it. I want to live and run through life being everything God wants me to be. I want Him to be glofied in me as his Temple and it's time to live that way.
So are you with me? Are you taking care of yourself? Join with me and let's do this together.