Monday, June 30, 2008

Which road

Life's tough right now. One thing that makes it so difficult is the number of choices that need to be made. Some choices seem black and white, right and wrong. Many others fall in gray areas. Sometimes I am having to decide between what is good and what is better, what is just okay and what is right or best.
Making choices requires risk. I may have to let go of things I value in order to choose what is best. Please joing me prayer to make the right choices. Fortunately, I know that God is guiding me through the maze of choices to abundant life in Christ.

Some of the choices that have to be made quickly goes still the the apartment or getting the townhouse. I looked at a couple of other apartments today, just trying to make wise choices. You would have laughed if you were with me at one place today, Sombery's Stone Ridge Apartment- they are building them right now and will be ready at the same time my lease is up. Let's just say that, a one bedroom is two hundred dollars more than I am paying now and that's without a den. It was crazy. However they were extremely nice. I'm talking about garden tub, 7in crown molding, you name it. However that is totally out of the question,,,it wsa just nice to dream that I could live there.

Please join me in praying that God gives me a peace about what I need to do and run with it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crazy Mood

This is what happens when I have time off . . . . . .I get in a crazy mood b/c I had time to think. Do you know what that means----a headache and needing a nap but you can't nap b/c your so excited that your heart is pumping extra hard. That is where I am right now. I have spent time this afternoon thinking and so strongly want to "fix" everything. However, I alone can't. I'm praying for a movement-- a change--- a turning point that defines where we once were and hope to never go back. My life needs this, my job needs this, my family needs this, my church needs this. I'm ready! While working around the house tonight, I have had on different Passion confernces online that I was listening to, and then watched some other things and I got myself pumped saying that is what I need. However, those were all confernces. I desire a weekly gather of super passionate people ready to do Christ-centered things. We don't need another campagin, we need to ask God to help heal the heart issues and then we won't have the problems we do. I am not going to be let down. My God Saves and moves amoung His people. I am determined that change can happen and I am not going to stop praying and seeking God because people say it won't last or won't work. Are you ready? Are you going to join me? Am I standing alone with this desire? I know this isn't all there is .. . . .so what are we going to do about it?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

So excited . . . .

I'm going to be an aunt again! No not, Donny and Julie. Hampton and Lindsey!! I'm so excited for them. They moved to Brookehaven, MS to serve at a church there and God has richly blessed them. They are such special people in my life and I enjoyed my time with them at Four Mile.

Today, Hampton's mom and Lindsey's parents went to Brookhaven to see them for the Church 4th of July celebration tomorrow. So it was a perfect time to share the great news. While everyone was gathered, she called to share with me too. I guess she knew I was going to cry. This is what is funny though: today I went to the mall with Jennifer and there were people with babies everywhere and even more people that were expecting. Jennifer made the comment as we walked through Target baby clothes that I needed another baby to take care of to get me until the point I have my own. (God willing- PLEASE! Don't listen to Ressa's mom, it is the desire of my heart. I desire a husband to do ministry with and a family)

:) God is good! I'm thankful that even though I'm not as close in distance to them as I would like to be, I'm still going to be able to spoil this wonderful creation. Please pray for them during this time. They are leaving on a mission trip next week. I'm so excited for them. I can't wait to see them in a couple of weeks, when I am back in Jackson.

What do I do?

Alright, it's Saturday morning and I have nothing I have to do all weekend? I don't know how this happened, I'm not on call, I'm not babysitting, the house is clean, and I don't know what to do. What do people do with themselves in times like this? I'm just sitting here, I've responded to emails, gotten on facebook, myspace, read the blogs, watched a movie- now what? Is this what the weekend is really suppost to be like? WOW! I think I might go scrapbook or work on it online--who knows! This is just a werid feeling. I do need to clean out my car, my mom would most likley say my closet too, if I lived at home--she always thought that could be cleaned out.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanging in

Can I tell you how excited that I am? Why--- It's 11:45pm and I go off call in seven hours and fifteen minutes! :) Little things in life! It was a very busy weekend for on call, but I'm thankful this week has been active but not that bad. Thank you for praying.

For those of you who knew thanks for praying today as well. I made it through marthon day, and I'm sure my insurance is glad it's over too. However, it was only another step I'm afriad. I started of this morning with a CT of my head for my sinuses. The gentleman who was doing it was so sweet, asking if I had done this before. I just said, Yes sir. He left and ask me to sit on the table, and I went ahead and got in the crazy position that they make you do for this particular scan. He came back and started laughing---he said I guess you have had this before. It brought a little humor to the beginning of the day. After all I have had to sinus surgeries before, and those come with a lot of scan experienes. So I'm a pro and can master the crazy position they want you to be in.
"Disclaimer: I am not crazy enough as you might think to take my camera and take this picture, I pulled it off google."
Well the ct confirmed what we already knew, the growths are back in my sinuses and have to be removed. So I have that surgery scheduled in the second week in August. I'm having to wait b/c they found a heart murmur, and are sending me to a cardiologist Tuesday. Like I needed anything to add to this adventure. God's amazing though, because I'm not worried about any of it. I'm thankful that this is everything and if there's more; we will be able to handle that too. Anyway- I also am going in the end of July for additional allergy testing. You would think three sets of skin test would be enough but they aren't sure why I am continuing to have these problems with my sinuses.

So then just fourty five minutes later I was able to go to the next appointmnent. Can I tell you that it make such a difference when you feel comfortable with your doctor. I am so thankful for this surgeon, he was wonderful as I had really had it enough. He did the ultrasound and was unable to do anything because it was so enlarged so he had to order another CT. :) They were wonderful and got me in today. So I went down only to find out that I had to drink half gallon of what they call a milk shake. WHATEVER--I don't like regular milkshakes, not to mention someething like that. It was horrible. Anyway, I had to drink all of it and wait two hours. So I get there and realize that they have to do an IV---after three tries they finally listened to and put it in my hand. Yeah---I was pretty frustrated at this point. Please pray as I wait for these results. I'm thankful today is over, but now wishing I wasn't feel sick as well. Let's just say there milkshakes aren't something I ever hope to have again. Once again, I know that even though I'm confused on how I could have so many growths in different places, I know God isn't confused. I know He is not suprised as I was today about the heart murmer. He's still in control and on His thrown.

I had such a sweet time of worship Wednesday night with Reesa, her mom, and Jennifer at the hospital. It was awesometo speed the time with them and hear how Reesa's mom was still giving God the glory as she was in the hosptial only to find out she now has a third brain tumor, and the other two have grown rapidly since the surgery three weeks ago. She's faithful! It was awesome to hear her share how she loved her Heavenly Father and she knew He was taking care of her Even after the five battles of cancer before. Pray for them please---They started the strongest amount or radiation a person can have today. I think God used Wednesday night to get my heart right for everything I would face today. I'm nothing without Christ, but yet everything with Him. He choose Reesa's mom to continue to fight another round because He knew she would give him Glory. Right now I think about that for myself and have to rethink the way I deal with things. I can use these little challenges to give Him glory as well. Pray I'm faithful. Pray I give Him glory not only in the wonderful hill top times but also during the stressful times at work, at the doctors office or when I feel alone. Pray that as I wait for what seems like forever either for the phone calls to follow up and get results or in the offices with appointments that He will allow me to be calm and also give Him glory.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Most of the time I can't put into words what I am thinking or feeling but I can think of a song that relates to it or that gets me through it! This week, over and and over I have said to myself "To the Cross I run, Holding high my chains undone" never realizing where I was getting it from. God's amazing! I'm so glad I'm undone-- I'm free! I am still facing challenges but I'm running to the cross. Please pray that that I don't let the chains wrap me again. Lastnight, I was able to go over to Orange Beach to see the students at Student Life camp. Before I went to that I had to go to a condo unit for work. Yes, I'm on call! Anyway, it hit me as the song played. Mercy Me- Undone. Anyway,I think I listened to it three or four times as I reminded myself that even though I feel sometimes that I'm chained--- in the large picture I'm not. I'm Free! I finally made it to the camp worship service and David Nasser wsa the speaker- which you know I love! Anyway, he was talking about why we travel and follow "The Way" of course Jesus loved us and died for our sins. However, why? Why did he choose me? Why did he carry the burdens and sin of the entire world so we could be free---- For the Glory of HIS Name! Praise God I'm free! Yes, I'm going through trails and challenges right now. Some are getting better, some are getting worse, and just when I think I am chained to what feels like the world- God reminds me and whipers to me, "Tiffany, your free." Even in defeat, tradegy, sickness, hurt, I've found victory."

You tube the song- It's awesome! Here are the words too:

Undone- by Mercy Me
No apologies
For who I'm meant to be
The only thing that matters is
I am free
When I am overwhelmed
Holding pieces of my heart
When I feel my world
Start to fall apart

To the cross I run
Holding high my chains undone
Now I am finally free
Free to be what I've become

Even in defeat
The face of tragedy
Still you'd have to say that
I found victory
In brokenness comes beauty
Divine fragility
Reminding me of nail scarred hands
Reaching out for me

To the cross I run
Holding high my chains undone
Now I am finally free
Free to be what I've become

To the cross I run
Holding high my chains undone
Now I am finally free
Free to be what I've become

Hallelujah I'm undone!

To the cross I run
Holding high my chains undone
Now I am finally free
Free to be what I've become

To the cross I run
Holding high my chains undone
Now I am finally free
Free to be what I've become

To the cross I run
To be what I've become
And I'm undone

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's time to live - - - - -

This weekend was a weird one------a roller coaster I guess. My brother, sister-in-law and niece were in town since Tuesday at my parents, and then my sister flew in on Friday. So we were all together, which really never happens and is only getting more difficult because of all of our busy schedules. So it was good, we all live different lives, in different places, with different goals and dreams. Being the baby in the family, I guess this was the first time that I was considered an adult- on my own, paying bills, finished with college. When my brother moved out, I was 7 years old, I was in the 5th grade when he got married which was also the same time my sister moved out. So lets just say a lots changed! We've been together since then of course but I was almost one of them now.

Anyway- we just really were lazy around the house----no running around which was nice. It was werid though all of us being together. I guess it was as if everyone was thinking about it but nobody said anything until the end but we realized with the recent trips to the funeral homes that life's short. I'm 24 and friends that are my age, people I graduated high school with there parents have passed away- Matt's dad with cancer first part of May, and then George last week. Anyway, my dad was apart of George's funeral he had to give the eulogy and was also a palbeara. My parents have always been open with death---a little too open for me. They have given us grandmother's dishes b/c they wanted us to know about it before they died and enjoy it with them. They have given my sister and I- my mom's and grandmother's rings and different things b/c they wanted to see us where it. Anyway, this was different. My parents are realized that not only are these there friends that are passing away but that it's my friends parents. I don't think 60-65 is old, but it scares me to think how many people I know who have died that age. It's been laughed about at my office b/c I have known and been close to so many people that have passed away over the past couple of year with friends and then also family. I guess that is what you get for growing up in a small town, you become family with too many people. I have spoken and given the eulogy at three funerals myself I have lost 27 classmates from highschool, several of which I was close to. Death is real to me but something I am not afraid of. All that to say---it finally came up. My brother and sister left my parents and were driving back home and my mom brought it up. She said they were meeting with the funeral home director this week, and since I was the closest they wanted me to know if something happened to them that everything would be taken care of. So we started talking about there funeral and how they wanted things done and on and on and on. With tears, we wrote out things and then she ask what about yours. Hello- what about my what? MY FUNERAL! Well alrighty- I have nothing so don't need a real will but if you want me to go ahead and plan my funeral okay. WHATEVER! So we talked about it----it brought it down to even more of a reality. We're not promised tomorrow. I want to live every day to the fullest! I want to leave a legacy that represents Christ. I desire for people to say, wow Tiffany was such a servant and love Jesus with everthing----nothing she worked with everything, or she ran ragged for everything.

So I started thinking about my funeral- the first thing I told my mom about theres was that we couldn't sing the standard funeral songs. I can't sing those songs in church without flashing back to somebody's funeral and being sad. I want to sings happy songs- I tried cheering the mood by saying we can sing Celebreate but in all seriousness I want to sing Friend of God, I am Free, and Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone! I can't believe I did this but she said well what about at my funeral -----I told her it was her choice. Anyway after talking about different ones I googled it. An found on a list this song I forgot about. I think I did on purpose b/c it made me cry my eyes out just reading it. It was sung at Bro. Hanaford's funeral-----He was a dear sweet man that loved Jesus and loved people like Jesus does. He lived down the street, served at FBC Moss Point and was the man that married my parents and baptized me. Anyway---I do want this sang at my funeral.

Our prayers have all been answered. I finally arrived.The healing that had been delayed has now been realized.No one's in a hurry. There's no schedule to keep. We're all enjoying Jesus, just sitting at His feet. If you could see me now, I'm walking streets of gold. If you could see me now, I'm standing strong and whole. If you could see me now, you'd know I've seen His face. If you could see me now, you'd know the pain is erased. You wouldn't want me to ever leave this place, If you could only see me now. My light and temporary trials have worked out for my good,To know it brought Him glory when I misunderstood.Though we've had our sorrows, they can never compare.What Jesus has in store for us, no language can share. (Chorus twice)You wouldn't want me to ever leave this perfect placeIf you could only see me now If you could see me now If you could only see me now.

Anyway- Life's changing. I have heard to many times lately of loved ones told they have so much time that can expect to live. I'm not waiting for that. I understand that they don't even know with that. However, I'm going to live everyday to the fullest, I'm gonna sing Friend of God a little louder in the shower in the mornings. I am going to dance in the car and not care who see me when I sing I am free. I'm going to raise my hands and praise God everday for His amazing grace that has set me free. It's time to live - - - - - and that is just what I told my parents.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's time to get fit . . . . .

Alright, I've had it! It's time I get fit. I'm unhealthy and I'm facing it. I am talking about physically, emotionally, and even more spiritually. Today marks the day, I need to be a healthy part of the Body of Christ. I'm going to be in the Word and in the gym. Please pray for me as I start this, I'm excited but am going to have to change to do it. I am going to have to take time for myself, which is something I am not very good at. However, I am realizing that I am not full filling my purpose in life with the way I am living right now. Please pray I remain strong and faithful to this committment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't know if your anything like me but right now but I am sadly by how much sickness there is. Seems like cancer is an everyday word and I don't want it to be.

I am so burden right now for so many of my friends. I had to go back to Jackson yesterday, and this morning called my mom only to find her in tears. I kept asking, Mom- What's wrong? It really freaked me out at 7:30am b/c I knew my brother and sister-in-law were suppost to be driving in today. Anyway, she had just recieved a phone call that a family friend George Leggett had passed away a few hours before, and his wife was just leaving the hosptial and called my parents. George and Kaye just spent the week before with my parents, they live a couple of hours away right now and were looking to move back to the coast. Anyway, Mr. George was snoring and she kept trying to wake him up and he started coughing and then next thing she knew she was doing cpr and calling 911. Please pray for the family. They have two kids that are my age, Brad and Ali. Anyway-- we are still waiting on the funeral arragements but this wsa very unexpected as he was in good health and farely young. It was also a huge wake up call again for my parents, a s this is someone that is there age.

Also- please join me in praying for Reesa's mom. She has two tumors in her brain. They removed 90% of one two weeks ago and then the other one they could get to. They are suppost to start treatment with her. Reesa is one of the most Godly women in the world and I am so burden for her as she takes care of her mom. Pray she can remain strong and feel God's peace and comfort. Her mom has won 6 battles of cancer and is a strong women- please pray that she will continue to follow doctors orders and not give up.

Teresa's dad- was released from the hosptial after three rough weeks. Home Health care is coming to help, but he sure is happy being at home. Please pray for Teresa and her mom as they take care of him. It has been a exhalsting couple of weeks.

There are so many others as a co-workers neice was in a car accident and is critical condition in GA. They are freinds that are expecting, frineds that have moved, friend that is making a choice to stay in a marriage, friends that are moving jobs, friened who lost his dad less than a month ago, friend who's sister is not making wise choices at all. It continues . . . . . . .Please join me in praying for these tonight. I'm not in this situations right now, and don't kn ow what these friends are feeling but yet my heart hurts for them and what they're going through.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dayspring Needs . . . .

Guys, I am be come overwhelmed with the need for our church to change. I am amazed at how people can drastically change there actions to get there way. In some ways I feel that God is laughing and saying those people just don't get it. I'm sorry sometimes He looks at me that way. However, I think it's to the point now that He isn't laughing anymore with it, He is shaking His head saying we're waisting time. We're missing it. We're not running in the race for His glory. I feel that we're crawling to Him. We don't have to have a Pastor to run to Him. He hasn't changed, why are we trying to change our attitudes b/c we don't have a teacher that leads on Sunday morning. We honor Christ, not some leader. Although, I understand that God puts a shepard in place to lead us, and I'm thankful for who that person will be. I pray for Him daily, and trust that in God's timing He will bring someone perfect.

Right now I guess I am just dissapointed. It's my fault too, I give people too much credit. I believe people should act a certain way, when myself included are sinners and will make mistakes and not always act the way we should. Please pray for our staff- they need to be a team. They need support, encouragement and help through this time. Please pray for our search team. They need to seek Christ and His heart for a pastor of the church, and not there own. We need a man of integrity, that is Christ centered and on fire! We need a Pastor that has all ages at heart from bed babies to senior adults. All matter and are important- they make up this body called Dayspring. However, we have to remember that the children, youth, college and young adults will be the future of Dayspring if we want it to continue. We have to build them as leaders. Alright, I will get off my soap box, but I am seriously overwhelmed with the burden of the church. Please join me in praying for change.

Proverbs 3:5-7
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. [a]
7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.
Please be remembering our Pastor Search Team as you pray
Jerry Timothy - Chairman
Tayo Fadeji
Jack Granade
Bobby Hartmann
Ed Massey
Pat O'Neal
Tom Peak
Martha Sullins

Trusting God

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What in the world???

Last Friday, I went into the apartment office to pay rent and while I was there I was asking about a couple of issues I am having with the apartment--such as the power going out EVERY day. Anyway, I ask when my lease was up? The end of August she replied, are you looking to move? First though was no, not really, I was just checking. She quickly informed me that rent was going to go up. Yikes! Alright, how much? Well if you sign by the end of June, only $60. But if you wait till August, I'm not sure b/c we are schedule for another increase. This one went into effect right after I signed. So she said could go up another $50-$60. So that is at least another $100. Can I just say no way!

Anyway, so of course I start thinking what am I going to do, I have a month to deciede. Anyway, so I get home last Friday night and start looking at townhomes. I really hate paying rent at such a large amount and I have done it for four years. So that equals a large amount as well. Anyway, so I find three, right around the corner that I have seen and loved. So last Saturday I showed my parents and they thought they were cute as well. So I called a friend of mine from the church Kevin who is a realtor and ask him if he would set up a time so I could see them. Wow- I felt lik a big girl then. So we did, for Thursday afternoon at 5pm. Perfect, b/c that was suppost to be right after my doctor's appoinement. Well b/c I was still in Jackson, I had to reschedule both appointments. (Don't chew me out- for rescheduling the doctor's appointment again, believe me I know) Anyway, so lastnight I meet him. My parents didn't want to come, b/c they didn't want to get me excited as it was my choice but a huge one! Jennifer went with me and wow we were blown away at how different the three were. The first one had new nice carpet but complete mirrors on the den wall, and then on one wall in each of the bedrooms. Freaky! No thanks. The second one, I walked in and said, I'm home. It was perfect. Everything about it! It was totally me. But still I wanted to see the last one, wow- nasty. Red carpet, gold staircase, and smelly. No thanks! So please pray as I figure all of this out. I will be back in Jackson the first part of this week agian, but then working to see if I can make this work. I'm not sure what I am going to do. Jennifer agreed with me that it was perfect and no comparison to the others. I'm just scared, am I ready to do this. Is this where I need or want to be. Please pray God either opens the doors completely or shuts it loudly. I also am praying for my parents through this. Sounds crazy, but they really had a hard time when I bought my car and they didn't have to sign or anything at all. This is going to be even worse, I am the baby. They cried as I emailed them the pictures b/c as am I, they have completely mixed emotions. Once again, my hearts cry is Lord move, or move me. Pray for me please, this might not seem big, but i have three weeks to lock down the price for $60 more a month or wait another four weeks and could be a $100. So times is of importace.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Need words

My mouth opens and nothing comes out but thoughts keep flying through my brain.

I start to type, and the backspace key is used more than any others.

I start to think about one thing and my mind jumps ten hundred other places.

So what do I do, I get out the ole blank piece of paper and pencil. I draw a circle and put "My Life". If you know me, your laughing b/c you might know that I do this often before going to bed when I am thinking about so many different things that I can't sleep. Anyway, from the circle, I put little circles all around with different areas of my life such as work, church, family, friends, relationship, living conditions, money, health, etc. Then from each of those goes another branch of with those things that either I am concerned about or thinking. If I could scan this right out and post it I would, however, it wuold be several different sheets taped together all crazy different ways. :)

Let's just say this: God's moving! I've been away this week in Jackson at a client site and found myself frustrated because the trip got extendent three days. God moved---God knew that Thursday night I would hear His word spoken in a new and real way from someone that I respect. After being active and serving as president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes through middle and high school, I became on staff my freshman year at Mississippi College and worked for there state office. With that position, I was mentored by Godly men that represented each of the state regions. I served on staff with them, went to New York after 911 to do missions with them, went on the staff cruise with them and they have had a huge impact on my life. Well this week was oddly enough (not odd with God in charge) FCA leadership camp in Jackson, MS which meant all the state staff would be in town for the camp. Well guess what- I got to go to the worship service. On top of that, I go into the worship service and see the college pastor at had while at Countrywoods Baptist Church. Then I see this familiar face leading worship- turns out to be Brad Johnson that I met at Taylor and Lindsey's wedding two weeks ago. :) God's good! Anyway, I am hugging necks with the staff and waiting to go in to worship, while I talk to one of the staff guys. He's amazing-----He gave me words of encouragement we took a few steps and he said Tiffay, you know what I saw you walk in this place and God started speaking to me, He wants me to remind you . . . . . . . . He's there. His merices are new every morning, there is no move that will ever change His love for you. You need to remain strong, focused, and in His grip. God is going to provide you a Godly Christ centered man. He is going to take your health and restore it. He is going to provide you peace and remind you as you travel back and forth that you worship with Him is real. He went to continue to pour out his heart and what God was telling him to speak to me. It's sad that sometimes we let the negative things that are spoken to us replace the positive things we hear. I have heard it before that it takes 10 positive encouragements to replace that one bad spoken word. Sadly enough, I believe that is truth in my life. Words are huge in my life- One of my spiritual gifts is Words of Encouragement. I love to give them, and were then given I treasure them. However, I do know that my worth is not in words, but in Christ. The words He spoke to me, are straight from His Word. I'm a hands on and vocal person though, and sometimes I admit a little stubern so I do have to heard things over and over. So let's just say that I'm on the upward track. God's using His words to replace the hurtful words. My worth is not in this world, my church, my job, or even my family. My worth is in Christ and even as I don't understand why, he did pay the ulimate price for me. I will never hear Him say, I paid x over what I should have for you. I am His! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'll be there . . .

Wow---what a busy weekend! It's amazing how God provides and says I'll be there! I've been in the dump lately dealing with many of life's fun issues: the business of work, health issues, desicions to make with changes in friendships and relationships, church, , friendships that are hurting, friends that are dealing with ill parents, and so much more. Through it all God has reminded me that He is there. To many times lately I have closed either my car door or the door to my house and rested my head on the door, or headset saying we made it! Thank you God! WE MADE IT! Why do I think, He'll let me down? Anyway, the pace hasn't slowed down any and neither have the challenges however I'm learning just like a baby learning to roll over, then crawl and then stumble and walk, and then finally full speed RUN! I'm getting there: I'm learning to say maybe, instead of yes---babystep to no! I'm learning to say, I'm sorry when would you like that done? I'm learning . . . . . and God continues to say,,,,I'll be there for you.

Can I tell you that's what has gotten me through?

To my friends: I'm sorry, I haven't listen to any of you. I didn't realize or understand how I had really distanced myself from "outside life".

Anyway--this weekend was a beginning of an awaking. I started Tuesday night, with saying "See ya later to some friends" Scott, Robin, Emily, and Kerri Anne-- I love ya'll! Praying God's best for you in VA! I enjoyed our time and look forward to many more memories.

Then I moved on Wednesday night to check or Ressa and her mom. Her mom had surgery to remove a brian tumor. Praise God they were able to get 90% of one of them and then the other they are going to check on again in a month. She is doing well, and will start rehab soon. Please be praying for there family as God continues to heal and move within them. After we left the hospital, Jennifer and I got to have dinner which we really never get to do just the two of us anymore. We even did our best thing ever and look at houses. (Little did I know the next day rent was going to be going up so much with my lease agreement and I would be needed to look) We had a wonderful time catching up and realizing that even though she might be married and I might be a workfreak that we're still the same girls we use to be when in college two years ago. Then Friday night came around, I was suppost to go to my parents but worked late and so Mike and Brandy and the kids came here. We had a wonderful night and a lot of fun laughing and cutting up. Do you see where I am going with this? God said, through it all He was there and He showed me that I have others that with Him support me. Saturday I got to have lunch with a friend of mine Mickey and his wife Laura. Mickey and I go back twelve years now from when I first started youth at FBC Moss Point. How things have changed between us. It was great to just be together! Saturday night, I drove to Brookhaven to see Hampton and Lindsey. I can't believe they have been here a year. How I quickly feel in place with them, as they were preparing for VBS! Then guess what, Mike and Brandy couldn't help but come join the party too,,,,,they didn't want to be left out! It felt as if I had my family back together as we had dinner lastnight together.

But guess where I am now, I'm sitting at my previous job The Fellowship of Christian Athletes office. I came to Jackson for an install with work, but made the best of the trip by being surrounded by friends througout. So after working at the jobsite this morning, I had paper work to do, emails to catch up, phone calls to return so FCA had joked about my office being open so I just happened to come back and use it! How great these people are!!! Christy and Lester even took me to lunch on behalf of Bill b/c he wasn't here. I feel so loved in this moment----you know what's the greatest though, it isn't over! I get to meet up with Anna---:) You know what that means- there has to be time for shopping!

Anyway, all that to say I realized God says He'll be there and He is more so than anyone else ever. I am going to go home and sadly enough not be surrounded by friends in the same way as I am right now, but God says,

I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.

I'll be there for you, like I've been there before. I'll be there for you!

You know what's funny- is those are the words to the Friends theme song. I praise God for who He is, but am also thankful for the friends He uses in my life to be there for me too.