Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So much to update, but only for now

Well I wanted to end 2008 with one last post. I'm so behind that I'll be catching up tomorrow!

So much has happened in the last two week:

Kristi's surgery


Visit with Hampton and Lindsey



Me- Work

Me- Health

Anyway, the clock is soon going to hit midnight, right now some family and friends are a year ahead of me, that's fun to say! Anyway, I'll be updating with pictures and information torrow but for tonight, I'm going to say good bye 2008, come on 2009! Let's roll . . . . .

Saturday, December 20, 2008

God came near . . .

Just a Moment by Max Lucado
It all happened in a moment, a most remarkable moment.
As moments go, that one appeared no different than any other. If you could somehow pick it up off the timeline and examine it, it would look exactly like the ones that have passed while you have read these words. It came and it went. It was preceded and succeeded by others just like it. It was one of the countless moments that have marked time since eternity became measurable.
But in reality, that particular moment was like none other. For through that segment of time a spectacular thing occurred. God became a man. While the creatures of earth walked unaware, Divinity arrived. Heaven opened herself and placed her most precious one in a human womb.
The omnipotent, in one instant, made himself breakable. He who had been spirit became pierceable. He who was larger than the universe became an embryo. And he who sustains the world with a word chose to be dependent upon the nourishment of a young girl.
God as a fetus. Holiness sleeping in a womb. The creator of life being created.
God was given eyebrows, elbows, two kidneys, and a spleen. He stretched against the walls and floated in the amniotic fluids of his mother.
God had come near.
He came, not as a flash of light or as an unapproachable conqueror, but as one whose first cries were heard by a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter. The hands that first held him were unmanicured, calloused, and dirty.
For thirty-three years he would feel everything you and I have ever felt. He felt weak. He grew weary. He was afraid of failure. He was susceptible to wooing women. He got colds, burped, and had body odor. His feelings got hurt. His feet got tired. And his head ached.
To think of Jesus in such a light is—well, it seems almost irreverent, doesn’t it? It’s not something we like to do; it’s uncomfortable. It is much easier to keep the humanity out of the incarnation. Clean the manure from around the manger. Wipe the sweat out of his eyes. Pretend he never snored or blew his nose or hit his thumb with a hammer.
He’s easier to stomach that way. There is something about keeping him divine that keeps him distant, packaged, predictable.
But don’t do it. For heaven’s sake, don’t. Let him be as human as he intended to be. Let him into the mire and muck of our world. For only if we let him in can he pull us out.
It all happened in a moment. In one moment … a most remarkable moment. The Word became flesh.
There will be another. The world will see another instantaneous transformation. You see, in becoming man, God made it possible for man to see God. When Jesus went home he left the back door open. As a result, “we will all be changed—in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.” (1 Corinthians 15:51–52)
The first moment of transformation went unnoticed by the world. But you can bet your sweet September that the second one won’t. The next time you use the phrase “just a moment, … ” remember that’s all the time it will take to change this world.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I surrender all!

I'm been in bed for the past hour and can't seem to go to sleep and God only knows that I didn't sleep lastnight. I'm in a season of waiting that is very difficult. Many tears have been shed over the past couple of weeks and even more so hours and days. In the midst of it all, it's been hard- I've questioned and challenged myself, but God is so faithful with everything! It's been a hard year! However, over time I realize more and more, I can't do it on my own. My arms are lifted up and strenched out wide- screaming I surrender all! While I'm waiting----I'm still going to worship and serve You!
Kristi had the heart surgery today Let's just say I wish it was me, I can handle it that way! I didn't sleep lastnight at all b/c I was so worried about her, and then all day today I was a basketcase. Between not having phone reception, a phone dying, monitors, talking in code, and everything else it was rough! However, it's 10pm, surgery is over, she is out of it on morphine(sp) and my mom is asking the doctor some for the rest of us. I will post more tomorrow, but she is hopefully resting peacefully tonight at the hospital. This rough day is ending and I'm sleeping with my arms spread wide saying----I surrender! I was asking everyone else to pray today, and yes I was praying too but realized that I was killing myself trying to be in control, be strong and everything else while still 8 hours away, in you are wondering---it doesn't work!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Really bad picture of me, but oh well: we had a great time!

This was the outline of the trip:
We pulled out of Mobile around 10am.
Stopped along the way at some gift/pecan store for a break.
Got to Birmingham around 2:00, checked in hotel---which was beautiful and so comfy! Then we went hunting for something for lunch. After getting in "downtown" Birmingham, let's say in the not so good parts with no luck, we were heading back to find something at hotel and finally found a mexican place with a grocery beside it! Works for us! So we had a great lunch/dinner there and then grabbed some drinks and breakfast for Sunday. We got back to hotel about 5:30 and messed around. While we were just laying around Brandy looked up how far it was to Matt and Tonya's. Guess what? Only 25 minutes----so we call and find out if that was really the case. Matt was so excited and so we went Sunday to church there with him. (We got lost on the way, but we made it) Anyway, we went to concert, did I say we had an amazing time? Then came back and crashed---Alisha slept with me and let's just say we're fits b/c we both sleep like fish----if only Brandy could have taken a picture of us---the sheets were off the bed, the bottom sheet was off the matress hanging on in the corner, it was funny. Then Sunday we woke up and went to Matt's church, then wento see there house and talk to them for a few minutes, then sadly enough head back home. Yes, I got emotional coming home--- too much to face! It was a quick trip but well worth the get away and very much needed. Can't wait to do it again, it will be soon.


For my birthday, I really wanted to do something. I didn't want to sit around the house no offense but on facebook all weekend or working, shopping, or just the same ole thing I do every other weekend. I found out about this concert several weeks ago and have been dying to go. However, they weren't coming here- Birmingham, just happened to be the day after my birthday! SOLD! I decided that I was going, it's a very busy time of the year and I knew I was going to find a hard time finding someone to go with me. However, I really I wanted to go, to the point I was okay going by myself. Well I'm glad that didn't happen. Brandy and Alisha went with me and we had an amazing girls weekend! The concert was out of this world. Casting Crowns, Avalon, Natlie Grant, they were all amazing as always! However, I realized I had been looking forward too and so excited for an emotional high. It was something that I was going to feel and be secure in and have an escaped from everything that I'm so consumed with. The night just did that and I didn't want to leave! I felt at peace during that time, but realized the Joy they are singing about, the Peace of the manager, lives in ME! It doesn't live only at concerts, retreats, it lives in ME! However, too many times I ignore it, I snooze through it, I shut the door on it; because I'm too consumed and wrapped up that I don't take the time and allow myself even 10 minutes to step back and be removed. It hit me heard as they were singing "While You Were Sleeping" ---too many times we sleep through and miss things God gives and sometimes were still sleeping when He takes it away. I don't know what your sleep is.......I'm know all to well what mine is and I'm reminded often. Anyway---the night was wonderful----and no I still didn't want to leave and wished it could have lastnight three more hours!

Friday, December 5, 2008

25 years!

Today is my 25th Birthday! Wow- 25 years!!!! I can't believe it! I took the day off, and also ended a long week of being on call. YEAH!!!
However, I had a denist appointment, doctor's appointment, and hair appointment, choir Christmas pratice, so it was busy running around.
I would have never believe when I turned 21 that I would be doing what I am today. I had life pictured completely different but I'm starting to be okay with that. God is in control and if I don't start taking care of myself, I won't live to see the next twenty five years. I'm seeing the wake up calls now and ready to act on them. I'm thankful for God's patience with me, He knows my heart but also knows I'm a slow learner. I guess it's just taking me 25 years to admit and do something about it!
Anyway, I am leaving Saturday for Birmingham for a little get away, that is very much needed---wish it was longer :(. I am going with my of my best friends Brandy and her daughter Alisha. We are going to see Casting Crowns, Avalon and Natalie Grant in there Christmas concert. I'm very excited- need the time away from "life" I'll be posting pictures when we get back!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another day - - - -

Everyday is another day---- Everyday the sun is going rise and the sun is going to set. Everyday, God gives another day, and then another day, and then guess what -another day. It's amazing to think that with that new day, He provides mercy today, tomorrow, the next day, and even the day after. He is forever faithful. When I rise in the morning and He greets me with the sunrise, He also blesses me with his love and mercies. I'm glad I know when I go to bed tonight, today will not be repeated, but I'm given a new day! Can I tell you how excited that makes me? Trust me- some days I just don't want to repeat. However, I keep saying all is good and I love everything :)