Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OK City

So even though I didn't think I was going to make it home due to flight delays, I finally did! I am attaching a sheet of our pictures, we had a great time even though it was so very quick. We all flew in from Moss Point, Mobile, and Jacksonville for my grandmother's 80th birthday. We suprised her at dinner and it brought her to tears, she was so excited. We stayed at my aunt's new house that was so beautiful, and were able to enjoy dinner at two of the resteraunts that they own, which were wonderful. Loren and Meagan had a great time together playing- and were so cute with each other. It was such a quick trip, but it was great seeing them and being able to celebrate together.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get me out of the airport!

Alright, so I'm sitting in another airport waiting again. DELAYS after Delays! Every flight so far has been delayed for a while, I'm hoping to make it home tonight. Through all this time, I've had much time to think about well let's just say a little of everything. Scary to think that I have only more time waiting and thinking until our next flight. So for future blogs ahead---be ready. Pray that everything that has been thought can be put into action. So from Atlanta airport- flying Delta I'm signing off--considering I bought an hour of internet for $15- WHAT was I thinking?
So much more coming soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick week :(

Alright so after the concert we crashed in the hotel. Sunday Morning we woke up and were getting ready, Kristi had to catch the plane. So we saw her off and then Anna had text to see if we wanted to meet for breakfast. I was so excited, we got our showers, checked out of the hotel and then my parents dropped me off and they were going to find a place to park. I got us a table and everything and was talking with Anna and her mom, when my parents called back and said they had blocked off the roads for a marthon and they couldn't get back. :( So I ordered for them to go, and huged Anna and went to meet them so we go ahead and get on the road. We weren't in the car twenty minutes before I knew it wasn't going to be a good ride home. I was sick but then realized I was going to start throwing up. It was horrible! Needless to say, the ride home was a long one. When I finally got to my house and got a shower, I went straight to bed. I had missed Ava's first birthday party and was so upset but there was no way I could have made it. I emailed Tim and told him I wasn't going to be at work and then feel asleep. Monday, I was still sick and throwing up, I had a doctors appointment and it couldn't come fast enough. I got a shower and headed there only to wait forever! I love my doctor though so I guess it was worth the wait. After a shot, two presciptions later I was out of there. Now it's Tuesday afternoon I'm in bed, feeling somewhat better. I'm not throwing up so that's a plus, however I'm now having the hot flashes, swallon red face and side effects of the steriod shot. Yeah just what I always wanted another steriod shot---needless to say the diet has been down the hill with the weight loss challenge. I'm sure I've lost weight but not the way I had planned. I had to cancel yet again the 1 on 1 personal training that I rescheduled for this afternoon. I didn't even try to reschedule again because I leave or was planning on it Friday morning to to to OK City for my grandmother's 80th Birthday and then coming back Sunday. Then I have no clue what's in store for me at the office. So I will have to call back with that appointment. I hopeing though as much as I didn't want the steriods, b/c of the side effects and then also the weight gain it does good- it's only been five months since my sinus surgery and so my doctor was not excited that I had gotten this bad off this quick. He wants to schedule a scan to see if the growths are growing again in my sinuses and if so come up with a plan to stop them. Yeah---after 3 sinus surgeries I think that is a great idea. So anyway- we shall see from here. I'm just taking it easy today and resting.

My Heart Will Go On

Alright, here is a quick video that I took with my camera. I couldn't believe how well it turned out. When she went to the other side of the stage, (it was set in square and she walked around it) I went to the screen so you can see how close we were. It was beautiful!

The concert was amazing! We agreed that it was better than Vegas because it was really all about her. Yes there were dancers on some songs, she did a lot of cool video effects but it was her and not a production that is the same every night. The stage was amazing with the set up. It could do just about anything. It raised and lowered her, the band in different parts and then when you think it couldn't go any further, another part would raise her more. She changed into seven differnet dresses and shoes. She personalized it with talking about New Orleans and how she shot her first music video there. She talked about Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding the city and the lives there. She shared her heart between the songs which made it even more incridable. She was so incridable. The energy there was more than I have ever seen before anywhere. She poured everything she had into and it showed and was worth it.

Celine in New Orleans!

The day has finally come for us to see Celine again. My family and I went in 2003 to Las Vegas to see her and it was out of this world. So we were very excited when we found out she was coming to New Orleans on a Saturday night. We had the tickets and were ready to roll: Section 105, row 16, seats 2-5. I felt a little better but maybe it was b/c I was so heavely drugged I didn't feel much. :) We headed out my my parents house and drove to New Orleans. We meet my sister at the hotel, she flew in from Jacksonville. We went to lunch at Ruth's Chris and had an amazing time. A sweet couple that my parents are friends with meet us there. It was wonderful and let's just say in no way did I follow the Biggest Loser challenge there. :( However, it was wonderful! We went back to the hotel, b/c I was out of it and needed to recharge and so did my sister. So we took a long nap and then it was time to get ready for Celine. Woohooo.

Below are a few pictures from the concert. It started raining while we were walking over there so we look a little rough but oh well.

Catching up . . . . yet again . . .

Wow- I can't believe that I look at everyone's blog everyday and get frustrated when I know something is going on with them, but yet they don't update it. Ha ha ha ha! Wait, I don't update mine all the time either. Anyway, so here is the update on the Biggest Loser Challenge with myself. It started of great Monday and Tuesday- I won the battle of knowing I'm an emotional eater, claiming it and moving past it. Several times throughout both days were challenged but I overcame it. I ate salads and yogart and chicken and was so proud of myself. I might want to add that I took time for myself both days. I relaxed and even watched TV. (You're talking to the person who plugged the TV back in just a few weeks ago from having it unplugged from the hurricane) I watched the Bachelor Monday night and really laughed a lot at how crazy the girls were. I can't imagine throwing myself out there like that--however, if I looked like they did, which I will soon- I guess I would handle myself differently. Tuesday night I watched the Biggest Loser on TV. It was a wonderful motivation for me. I saw girls my size on national TV standing boldly saying they wanted to make a difference to there lives. Everyone on the show had an amazing start losing so much weight only in one week. They worked out hard and were proud of themselves at the weigh in. It was very encouraging to me to push myself harder.

Wednesday rolled around and the the world fell apart at work. From an outage that morning stress levels were very high, several meetings and frustrations caused me to work from 6am-7pm. It was such a long day, the last thing I wanted was to be oncall, however on a positive note, I had been on already 8 days and it hadn't been bad, I only had two days left . Due to the outage I knew there was noway I was going to make it out for my training. I was very bummed but I want to show I'm a team player. Plus I needed to be at the office handling things otherwise I would have gotten all of those calls while training and that wouldn't have worked either. So oh well, I cancelled it and moved past it. I was very discouraged that I didn't keep it but reminded myself that things do happen. Even my boyfriend Bob in the book says those things happen. So I made it through the day of work. Jennifer and I have been trying to get together for a while, just to hang out and catch up. She was able to come over and it was wonderful just to be able to sit down and talk with her. I'm so proud of her as she is really pushing forward, meeting her goals with her personal life and within her job. It was a very nice calm ending to a crazy day.
Thursday morning, I woke up and just wasn't feeling right, my friend Ressa called and ask if we could do lunch, I was so excited and we went to Big Time---which I was a good girl and had tuna and a salad. It was a great time to catch up. Ressa lead a Bible Study when I was in the college group and her and her husband Keith were also our Sunday School teachers. They are an amazing Godly couple would I love and respect so much. It's always a pleasure to spend time with her and encourage and love each other. After lunch, I felt worse and by the time 4 o'clock came I was out of it-- my voice was barley hanging on and I felt horrible. I ran to Baby'R'us because to get Hampton and Lindsey the stroller for Jackson Carter who should be coming soon and then came home and seriously was in bed by 5:30. Thankfully I didn't have any calls for on call, because I was out.
Friday rolled around and goodness, as a co-worker Tracy said I showed I was sick through my eyes. As much as I try, I can't hide it. I worked through the day, and then ran to my parents when I got off b/c we were suppost to be leaving for Celine tomorrow!!! Woohooo---only a day left. Again I was in the bed by 7pm. I have say that I really don't remember what I ate those two days I was sick and really didn't care, I was just focused on getting in the bed. I just remember thinking I wasn't very proud of myself. :(

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here I come . . .

Today is the big day, we have been waiting and excited about today for a while now. We are about to leave my parent's house to pick up my sister from the airport and spead the rest of the weekend in New Orleans. The concert is tonight and I'm so excited. I've been sick for the past three days, and gone to bed between 5:30-7 in hopes lots of rest would make it go away. Well, my plan didn't so much work but I'm getting better. Thanks for the prayers. Please pray that Kristi is safe and smart as she travels- this is really pushing it for her and of course I'm worried. We didn't think about the time frame when we bought her ticket and of course we weren't going to go without her. Anyway, I also hope to meet up with my friend Anna tonight. She is going with her mom and we're trouble together! So New Orleans or better yet Celine- here I come!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Are You Ready?

I'm on a new journey, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I have this attitude of New Year, New Me, it's a step forward from Looking Back, Moving Forward! I don't want to look back anymore right now and that has been my though for the past couple of days. I want to press hard forward. New Year, New Me 2009 I want to be completly new! No, I maybe can't buy a new car, or get a new house, or other things I can't mention but my attitude is going to be NEW! Lastnight as I was running through trying to get several things off the list done, I ran in Target to get a Christmas tree box, why I ended up in books- I don't know, who looks at books at Target? Anyway, Bob Harper's book, "Are you Ready" was on sale. Works for me as I picked it up and put it in the basket, call me crazy but I didn't even look at it. I'm preparing myself for Monday, as I start my own Biggest Loser challenge. I've geared myself up: printing off before and after pictures of others, logo, and Bible verse and put all over the house and car to motivate me. I'm gearing up in my mind too. I called Friday a personal trainer that does it 1 on 1, close to my house and then also called Medi weight loss clinic and got an appointment to start there. I have to gain myself back. So anyway, all that being said, I started reading this book lastnight and it's one of those tough books,you read get frustrated put down, and then have to go back too. Today I found myself doing that a couple of times as well. Little did I know I would be a quarter of the way through the book and thinking like I was. I wish with everything I had I had Bob here. He has taken it to another level. I know I am very much an emtional eater: when I'm happy- it's time to celebrate, when I am angry it's my comfort, when I'm upset it's there. I don't use it for nutrition but for comfort and escape- I guess that's why I've put on so much weight in the past couple of months. Yes, I gained alot of weight b/c of months and months of steriods over now years between all the surgeries but I've added even more emotionally eating. I can't imagine Bob asking in person b/c I lost in just through the book, but he said the truth people know right from wrong we learn at a young age, we know what is good for us and what is bad. However, there is something in the background of our minds that might keep us from doing it b/c it makes us feel good. Well I have packed myself with feeling good to another level of I'm two people. However, while I feel good for that moment, I can't look into the mirror. I can set my mind up to do the right thing but when that frustrating and anger comes- which we know how quickly that will come what am I go to do? I have to face it for several reasons. I have to one speak and say that I'm better than that situation and I'm not going to let that situation or person rule over me and win. I'm very scared but almost excited b/c it's not just me wanting to lose weight, but I have to gain the confidence I lost in myself. I have to win myself back and prove I can do it so that confidence will flow over to other areas of myself. After all, if I haven't taken myself seriously, how can I expect anyone else too. Same thing with respect, I don't respect myself and therefore, respect isn't alwasy given to me. It's my fault and it's changing! Watch out---here I come! Please keep me accountable, and even more please pray this starts with my heart and works out.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Pictures 2008

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward “2008 was Packed for a Purpose– 2009!”

I’m learning that we were born prepackaged. God looks at our entire life, determines our assignment, and gives the tools to do the job. Before traveling, you do something similar. You consider the demands of the journey and pack accordingly. Cold weather? Bring a jacket. Business meeting? Carry the laptop. God does the same things with us. Some will research and build…install curiosity and determination. Others will teach and lead children and youth ….. extra dose of management, compassion and patience. God has packed each of us for a purpose. In 2008, I believe God has packed a lot of things in me that I didn’t have before. I’ve been challenged and turning around to be change in preparation for my job in 2009.
This year was packed in many ways: Let’s go over a few:
Weddings: Julie and Zack Adamson, Taylor and Lindsey McCall, Matt and Lauren Zwitt, Renewal for Wendy and John McKinney, Taris and Corey Moorman, and Sandy and George Nelson.
Births: Ava Parker, Cochran Quads– (Lauren, Avery, Gunner, Cannon), and Natalie Duncan
Deaths: George Leggett, John Murray, and Mike Blaylock
Moves: Johnson Family, Payne Family, Hughes Family
All of these things have been packed into the daily life of the past 365 days, whew I’m tired! However that isn’t all, God had this year packed with his comfort as he has continued to hold my hand through breast surgery, sinus surgery (both which opened other doors like a heart mummer and testing), a mass on my ovaries, a nerve block, and continued physical therapy for my neck. I also can’t forget His grace through Kristi’s heart surgery as well as mom and dad’s procedures. This year has been busy! Yet, still there is more! He has secured us while we have traveled through the year and through the nation, while Brandy and I traveled to PA, and then to New York for an amazing get away, then there were the trips to Brookhaven to see Hampton and Lindsey, trips to Pinelake, FCA camp, concerts and meetings with David Nasser and then Casting Crowns. Alright maybe now I have everything packed for the year: oh wait I forget two key things: Callis and Dayspring! How could I ever forget the main thing that was packed along with the blackberry, on call, and laptop. God has packed a lot into the past two and a half years while I have been at Callis- He is moving a lot of people on now and they are traveling with a lighter load, while I’m still learning and gaining my skills. Dayspring is almost the same way, God has shown up and moved people on to further His work in other places. I’m very sadden by the loss but so proud to see the work God is doing in and through them at the different places they are serving now. All of these things were packed in 2008 to prepare me for the changes ahead in 2009. It’s going to be an awesome year! I’m ready– I can’t do it alone and God’s still going to be packing things in me, however, I’m ready to move forward. I’m ready for my job in Him and to fulfill my purpose.

Lameypalooza 2008

Great friends come together again! Moss Point might not be very far away neither are good friends. Even though we are spread throughout the nation, we gather together once a year to celebrate life. We graduated high school six years ago and this will be our fourth annual Lameypalooza at my apartment. I don't know where the name came from, but whatever they named it! It was a great night with a few of my close friends from high school. It's awesome how we can gather after such a long time apart and still laugh and make fun of each other from stuff forever ago,,,,,needless to say I might not remember all of the things or people but the ones I do are the ones who matter. We are all going separate ways and I'm so proud of our class. Out of our core group, we will have several doctors, a physical therapist, a couple of lawyers, counselors, and everything else you can imagine. It's cool to see the people who have gotten married, had children already, and what they are doing. We were also sadden to see how many of my classmates took a different path. Some aren't meeting there potential, several I learned are doing serious drugs, some are in jail for life for the choices they made, and then others have lost there life. As we came together I was full of mixed emotions. I was so excited to see everyone but felt very different. It hit me very hard that I'm not were I'm needing to be. I'm not proud of myself and what I'm doing. Everyone was talking about what they are giving back and I just kinda looked at my hands and realized how they were turned toward myself. I'm not giving back. I haven't reached my highest level, I'm not doing what I'm suppost to be doing. I vowed then with my friend Matt- that things were going to change. I need to raise the bar in my life: I need to get my Master's Degree, I need to lose the weight, I need to give back and spend time helping children, I need to further myself in other ways instead of being miserable. These things might seem to be about me---but they will help me in the long run to give back at a higher level. Lameypalooza 2008 will never be forgotten with me. I am hoping it is pride in a good way but I felt it wasn't said, but that people even these being some of my close friends wanted to tell me I wasn't meeting greatest potential and they would have been correct. However---today is a new day! I have filled out more applications for my master's. I have signed up for a weigh loss program, I'm detoxing myself from "life" ----NO- not drugs or alcohol! Watch out 2009 here I come!

Special Lunch

What a wonderful Christmas present! Hampton and Lindsey came to to town for Christmas and were able to meet me for lunch at Big Time Diner, which is right by my office. I was so excited to see them, as they are so special to me. God is doing wonderful things in and through them in Brookehaven, MS. Hampton is still serving at Eastheaven and Lindsey is teaching. They are expecting baby Jackson in Febuary and I am so excited for them as they are going to make the best parents. The time at lunch was short but I'm so glad I got to see them and hug them and be together. Hampton and Lindsey are family-- even though we might not talk every week or see each other, when we're together it's like we haven't missed a beat.

Kristi's Surgery

Catching up: On December 18- my sister, Kristi had heart surgery in Jacksonville, FL. Five years ago, doctors realized that she had a disorder that instead of heart heart rate going up, it goes down and sometimes drops causing her to pass out. While I was at in Jackson at MC, this happened but her heart stopped for several minutes, causing her to have a pacemaker put in. Well after five years and much use they realized it was being used a great deal, but not working the way it should. The electrodes came out of the bottom of her heart and were burning her which in turn caused much pain, not to mention that that battery was out. Anyway, there was no choice but for her to have everything replaced and fixed. So she did just that, it was very scary but I really appreciate your prayers and support. It was very difficult being here, not in control, or even knowing what was going on. There were many scary calls made - but God is good and saw us through it. She had to be put on a lot of medicine because they had to do so much work to the muscles and tissues that the pacemaker had burned since they were out. However, she is still recovering but doing much better. It was great seeing her at Christmas and being able to touch her and know she was okay. Thanks for your faithful prayer and support. This picture is from Kristi and Meagan at Thanksgiving in Mom and Dad's shop.