Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guess who was chosen? CC was one of a number of Mobile companies were named to the Inc. 5000 list of rapidly growing businesses released this week. Guess this shows a a few of the reasons, I'm so far behind on the blogging world and everything else. I'm a little busy with work. Excited for different reason over the next couple of weeks as my position within the company will be changing some to allow me to work with people more and build the relationships that is needed. Please continue to pray for the company, leadership, my position and part in the team. Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say Rejoice! Trusting in not my plans, but His! As always I need your help!


I guess I have been in the reflecting mood as I continue thinking back and seeing where we have been and yet am now. Sometimes it makes me proud and then other times I just hang my head in shame as we could have done more. I could have done more.

Anyway, another time to remember has occured this past week. 9-11.

It was intresting to see on friends facebook as they ask do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news? YES! It was my senior year of high school, I was an aid in Mrs. Baxter's computer editing class. We were watching channel one news when it happened and they made the annoucment. My first though- MY BROTHER IS FLYING TO NEW YORK THIS MORNING~~ I immedatly ran out of class in her office and was trying to get my brother and couldn't. I tried my mom and couldn't reach her either. Even as I type this, I have the emotions running through me. After calling for what seemed like a million times, I had to go to another class. They called me out of the class into her office, my mind thinking the worse as I ran there. It was my mom crying saying everything was okay. Donny didn't go! He cancelled the trip late lastnight as he wasn't feeling well. He was suppost to be in the buildings for a meeting! But he is alive and okay in Jacksonville! I was so thankful to hear those words, but yet had to hear his voice for myself. So I kept trying to call him- let's just say everyone in the family and his coworkers were trying to call him b/c they knew where he was suppost to be. However, God had other plans, I was thankful for that time we talked more so than ever before. I think my sister hugged him tighter for all of us that night as she in Jacksonville with him. Oh the memories! God also had it planned for me to do a mission trip that Decemeber, in New York. The sweet memories of that trip, as we prayed with the families at the memorial. Meet with the fireteams and on and on.

Here are a few pictures I took last August of Ground Zero.

Now I have a dear friend Steve, who celebrates his birthday on 9-11. This year though not only has he always severed many as he was my youth minister at FBC Moss Point. He now serves again in the Amy and this year he celebrated his birthday in Iraq. Praying for you Steve! I'm so thankful for the men and women that fight for our freedom.


The house next door to my parents during the storm.

Our backyard and gazbo during the storm.

Me and a sweet lady, after the storm. She hung on during the storm to the train after she road out of her house in the refrigarator.
Memories of August 2005! Seems like yesterday but then again so long ago. I'm thinking how the time has past and the healing that has given. Family are rebuilding. You can still see the damage as you drive through the coast and even down my street. However, people are different and they will always remember. Everyone has memeories of this storm. You have images you picture, smells you remember, feelings sometimes you still might feel. Some remember and are still dealing with it more than others. I'm thankful of the time and healing that has past and looking forward to seeing the future as it continues to rebuild.