Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So excited

WooHoo---- Can I tell you how excited I along with a thousand other people are within Mobile? You might be wondering why? Well I'm giving God all the glory for everything He has done. Over the past 17 months, Dayspring has been without a Senior Pastor. We have had many ups and downs, and through it all I have trusted that God is the God of all and greater things are yet to come. With that being said, let me add that there were times I wanted to throw in the towel. I wanted to run just like many others who did. However God never released me or moved me. So guess what that means, God moves. And He is doing just that. Dayspring has announced the potential pastor of Brett Burlson. He is here this week and preaching Sunday and I'm so excited. God is about to do something so big! I pray that God moves, and moves the people that are standing in the way. Greater things are yet to come for Mobile.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Can't stop laughing

Alright friends I don't know if you have heard or not but there is a new show starting this week called, MORE TO LOVE. Yeah you guessed it, it's same concept as the Bachlor but it's based for "real women" like myself. Ha Ha :) Yeah so I had a friend suggest it to me, WHATEVER! I couldn't believe it- yeah I'm a real woman with a lot more to love---but I don't think i want to go on national television to share or show it. Anyway, it just was the icing on the cake for the past two weeks and I have laughed so much.
So let me tell you about it, I'm not going ot metion names or place of employment b/c you'll be able to get the story. So two weeks ago I had a schedule appointment to get an price quote for a new requirement for the house. So a guy came and then his supervisor came. First let me say it was a very stressful day, we had an outage at work and I was completely worn out and out of it. so anyway this guy gets here and let's just say I thought he was cute from the time he got out of the truck door. Well he came give me the quote and then ended up talking for a while outside we shared about our employement (after all the blackberry was going off like crazy) and I kept saying how i had to get back to work. Well he made the comment/question, You really don't want to go back to work do you, you rather go to dinner with me? HELLO, can you please repeat that? I was intrested and not trying to play hard to get but really had to go back to the office to make sure everything was good and close a lot of tickets through the day. So he ask if he could call later, my response was sure why not. I didn't think he would call but he did. we set up a time to meet a couple of days later b/c I had family coming in town. It was pretty funny, as I grabbed dinner that night I saw friend Tom and Linda. We were just chatting for a few minutes when Tom said how i needed a man. Thanks Tom! I wasn't going disagreebut shared with them about this and Tom big brother role and ask, he is a christan right? He isn't married or have kids right? Yes, no, no! Well when I got home that night I had a request on facebook and it was him. So wow- he took the time to look me up. So anyway, with the request was a message. I have to admit I was very very excited! I opened the message and my jaw dropped, the message and I quote, "So here it is and now you know . . . . I'm married." WHAT? Are you serious? Anyway so needless to say we didn't meet. :)
I share that story to say how proud I am that my heart belongs to Christ and He is the only true friend and man in my life. Yes I still desire a relationship but am so glad I'm not where I was a few years ago. I live to be married and have a family. Yes, that is still my desire but I live for Christ and His purpose. It is because of Him I have more to love with others-- My love isn't complete but His is. He gives more love us every day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giving up on Perfect

So I'm slow and behind! I know it and I'm sorry. I'm giving up on being perfect! I'm realizing that I'm different and it's okay. I'm human and make mistakes- it's okay. I'm going to fail and let you down- it's okay. It happens and I'm a sinner. I'm not giving up on trying to be perfect and with that I mean like Christ. However, I am giving up on filling others ideas of what "perfect" is in there mind. It doesn't work! It won't satisfy them. Always more. Always something else. Always not good enough. However, I'm giving up on that and giving it to God. I'm doing the summer study online through Beth Moore's blog, "Me, Myself and Lies" It's amazing the lies we tell ourself over and over again and then believe them. Wow-God's got a major project in mine but that's okay because He isn't giving up on me! He's written His name on my life---now I just got to continue living like it for Him, not others. So thankful for the way God has worked through the Godly women in my life that give me the tough love sometimes and make me realize and think about things that are so right in front of me.
So let's catch up on the past month---
Spend a good bit of time at my parents, between Mother's Day, Father's Day, my sister coming in town and then next weekend my aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike are coming in town from OK. It was great seeing my sister! She looks amazing! She flew in Thursday, July 2, and then we had lunch and then I had to go back to work, so she spend some time with my parents and then I went over Friday night late after work and then July 4- we just really hung out and slept. I was on call and so it was stressful trying to work between family and the attached blackberry but we made it. Kristi came back with me and spend the night in my house which was fun- we went to the lake and even played in the park! She had to fly out Sunday moring at 5, so fun fun!
Robin flew in town the week before that and was able to stay with me which I enjoyed as well. I was sadden by the circumstances she had to come, her best friends mother passed away, however I was glad she was here and I was able to spend some time with her.
I am hopeing to get to go to Jackson and Brookhaven soon to see my friends there.
Church- They have finally annoounced we "have" a new pastor. His information is being presented at the end of the month, and then he will be preaching in view of a call Aug 2. Hopefully, this man is more thatn just a wonderful man and great person but a Christ filled, God driven, Word of God teaching man. We need a man that stands firm in the word of God and isn't swayed by others. I trust God has someone like that for us and I pray this is in fact the man God has for us.
Work- Another tabled turned. So we are starting on a new leaf. For the past couple of weeks I've been working closely with our new customer support manager, Richard Garcia. He is in fact wonderful and a Godly man that I hope continues to fight the good fight and take us to the next level. We've lost a couple of other employees which has made it more difficult, (that says it mild). I've worked everyday from 6/6:30 am- till whenever- at the office till 8:30/11pm. It's been overwhelming but it's part of me realizing who I really am and what my purpose is.
Personally- The house is wonderful! I haven't been home like I would like to, and I need to do the things in it that I desire to fix up. However, I know the time is coming. It's just a few little things- hang the curtains in the study, get the new light up in the entrance, fix up the guest bedroom, clean the garage and get it painted, and finish the deck. Plus I'm really wanting to get into a routine- getting up, doing quite time, working out, getting ready for work and then working to come home and cook and have sometime to myself and going to bed. Right now, it's getting up, jumping in the shower, running to work with rollers in my hair and putting makeup on while I stop and the 8 red lights and then working and grabbing dinner on the way home or just saying forget it and getting in the bed as soon as I get home. :) I'm worn out, can you tell? I did take a couple of hours two days for myself two weeks ago. David Nasser was doing Student Life camp in Orange Beach and so I went and meet him and his family Tuesday night and then again Saturday night. So thankful for that time!
I think that able covers the past month- work, on call, church, work, work, on call, run to Moss Point, church! :)
Hopefully again, it won't be another month for a post. It's seems like I do most of my writtings while babysitting Doug's kids. Yes, I forgotten to mention I do still find time to do that. I got to get my baby love some way. Today, I had Ava from 10-5 and then Kyle and Emma from 5- until they get home. It's been a great day, and more and more I desire to be a mom, however, have no worries about it b/c I've turned it over to God and truthfully can say that I trust in His time and haven't worried about it. Aren't you proud of me? Anyway- I love the "One more hug Tiffy"
Anyways- until another day . . . .