Saturday, September 19, 2009


The house next door to my parents during the storm.

Our backyard and gazbo during the storm.

Me and a sweet lady, after the storm. She hung on during the storm to the train after she road out of her house in the refrigarator.
Memories of August 2005! Seems like yesterday but then again so long ago. I'm thinking how the time has past and the healing that has given. Family are rebuilding. You can still see the damage as you drive through the coast and even down my street. However, people are different and they will always remember. Everyone has memeories of this storm. You have images you picture, smells you remember, feelings sometimes you still might feel. Some remember and are still dealing with it more than others. I'm thankful of the time and healing that has past and looking forward to seeing the future as it continues to rebuild.

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