Sunday, March 30, 2008

Give Big

Well, it's been a great weekend. I have had fun, and hopefully helped others as well. I came home this afternoon after keeping Doug and Ali's kids depressed and upset that I'm home again by myself. As most people know, I would love to be married and later have kids. However, I am learning slowly, that God has something else planned. Tonight, I am just laying around and watching Oprah's Big Give. I love this show, but I have found myself sitting on the coach watching it and doing nothing. It's a movement- to give, love others even unknown people, and server and be humbled. What am I doing, sitting here- NOTHING!

While watching this, I thought about how many people see what God gave us, but still sit there unchanged. Wow- God sent Jesus Christ to Give Big---the biggest gift ever. It's motivating to live for that love that Christ gave and shared. He wasn't judgemental, prideful, or picky with who He gave too. He gave everything He had. I want to give like that.

I don't have the money like Oprah's Big Give- I'm far from being God. However, I have Jesus living in me- and I'm going to live more like it. I'm going to give to the world and not look back. I'm going to remind myself daily to put others before myself. I don't want it to be a 40 day challenge, but a lifestyle. God's blessings are poured in me daily and I want to see that others see His love.

It's time not to take but to give and give BIG! Anybody want to join me? Let's change together, and even more pour this throught Mobile.

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