Sunday, April 27, 2008

Somebody's Praying Me Through

Wow- I am so glad to know that I have people that step up to the plate and live as Christ. We all need friends, people of integirty, people we truth with every ounce of who we are. I've learned lately that those special people God gives to us for only a short time, and then has to bless others with them because they are such rare jewls. I'm very thankful for the time that God has given me with them and there family. I know that as I pray for them, they are also praying for me as they already have through so many times, when I felt it couldn't get any worse. The words to this song, I believe fit it perfectly.

Somebody's Praying Me Through by Allen Asbury
Pressing over me like a big blue sky I know someone has me on their heart tonight That’s why I know it’s gonna be alright ‘Cause somebody’s praying me through Somebody’s praying me through It may be my Mother, it might be my Dad Or an old friend I’ve forgot I had But whoever it is I’m so glad that Somebody’s praying me through Somebody’s praying me through Through the tears, through the rain Through the sorrow, through the pain It keeps bringing me through Over and over again So when you’re drowning in a sea of hurt And it feels like life couldn’t get any worse There’s a blessing waiting to push back the curse ‘Cause somebody’s praying you through Somebody’s praying you through Someone got down on their knees and prayed for me Somebody’s, somebody’s praying you through

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