Sunday, March 15, 2009

If only words could tell

Well I really didn't mean for this to be just a two part entry, but it will be, sorry! I got a phone call yesterday morning from my mom who was very upset and crying. I couldn't understand her but I had no clue what could have happened. She kept saying she was so sorry, so sorry! At this point, I'm thinking the worst things but trying to figure it out. Finally, she got herself together and told me that my pottery had busted. I was almost laughing because she was so upset about it. Praise got for them busting- after the things I thought, but that's beside the point. 
Anyway, the bottoms were too think and solid that it busted all over thing (can't think of the firebox that they bake them in) Both piece she said did it, and the broken pieces were everywhere and on every other piece there. She said she had already spent a couple of hours trying to get it off her other pieces but no luck. Oh well, I had fun anyway trying to make a piece, nothing I could do about it. She kept saying over and over again how sorry she was. Finally I was like Mom, it isn't that big of a deal, I'm sorry that I messed up your pieces to sale. Anyway, she explained that she thought I would be upset as I had shared about being a broken vessel. I replied without a pause and said how something would come from it and it would be okay. Well after we talked for a few more minutes I had to go b/c Ava woke up. Well as I was rocking Ava, I kept thinking about what a mess I'm sure it was to clean up. However my thoughts turned quickly, it was surely a God thing. It busted on purpose! The base was solid and thick- just like our lives are  to be with our faith- solid foundation. Our joy is to overflow into others and stick with them giving them something to think about, a glimpse of hope and love so they will keep coming back to see what makes us different. Just like my bowl busted and on all other pieces I pray that God uses me to stick on others and not be removed. So do my idea of a broken vessel still work and touch me- more than I planned. Life is short, God molds us and we live for Him. I'm being gripped in his hands how. He molds the flaws out of of me daily- YES, he is very busy! But through each day, I am thankful He does! I have something better to strive for- to be like Him. Wow-standards are high!  Let's do it together, are you being broken and sticking to others? 

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