Monday, July 27, 2009

Can't stop laughing

Alright friends I don't know if you have heard or not but there is a new show starting this week called, MORE TO LOVE. Yeah you guessed it, it's same concept as the Bachlor but it's based for "real women" like myself. Ha Ha :) Yeah so I had a friend suggest it to me, WHATEVER! I couldn't believe it- yeah I'm a real woman with a lot more to love---but I don't think i want to go on national television to share or show it. Anyway, it just was the icing on the cake for the past two weeks and I have laughed so much.
So let me tell you about it, I'm not going ot metion names or place of employment b/c you'll be able to get the story. So two weeks ago I had a schedule appointment to get an price quote for a new requirement for the house. So a guy came and then his supervisor came. First let me say it was a very stressful day, we had an outage at work and I was completely worn out and out of it. so anyway this guy gets here and let's just say I thought he was cute from the time he got out of the truck door. Well he came give me the quote and then ended up talking for a while outside we shared about our employement (after all the blackberry was going off like crazy) and I kept saying how i had to get back to work. Well he made the comment/question, You really don't want to go back to work do you, you rather go to dinner with me? HELLO, can you please repeat that? I was intrested and not trying to play hard to get but really had to go back to the office to make sure everything was good and close a lot of tickets through the day. So he ask if he could call later, my response was sure why not. I didn't think he would call but he did. we set up a time to meet a couple of days later b/c I had family coming in town. It was pretty funny, as I grabbed dinner that night I saw friend Tom and Linda. We were just chatting for a few minutes when Tom said how i needed a man. Thanks Tom! I wasn't going disagreebut shared with them about this and Tom big brother role and ask, he is a christan right? He isn't married or have kids right? Yes, no, no! Well when I got home that night I had a request on facebook and it was him. So wow- he took the time to look me up. So anyway, with the request was a message. I have to admit I was very very excited! I opened the message and my jaw dropped, the message and I quote, "So here it is and now you know . . . . I'm married." WHAT? Are you serious? Anyway so needless to say we didn't meet. :)
I share that story to say how proud I am that my heart belongs to Christ and He is the only true friend and man in my life. Yes I still desire a relationship but am so glad I'm not where I was a few years ago. I live to be married and have a family. Yes, that is still my desire but I live for Christ and His purpose. It is because of Him I have more to love with others-- My love isn't complete but His is. He gives more love us every day.

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