Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ring Ring

Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring . . . . . . .
What happened in the old days? Did people really live without the Blackberry? I know of some people today, who couldn't! I am afraid that I am quickly becoming one of them since I can't sleep without waking up five or six times a night to see if the red light is flashing. Yeah, I know there are meds for people like me and I am checking those out! I'm on call this week so it's a little different b/c right now it is 2:48am! Again---- I have found myself in the same spot as lastnight. Sitting on my bedroom floor, with my laptop waiting and watching for the blackberry to either flash or ring so I can follow up with a customer. No, that isn't normally the case, but we are having to fix some things and so David, our Networking manager does the work between 12-2 (and there after as long as it takes). So I am have been on the phone with customers that call in during that time!
So here are my thoughts, while I wait. Which by the way, might I got ahead and add, waiting is something I hate. I mean seriously those are the times you want to move the most. A friend of mine several years ago wrote me a letter in a time while I was waiting that was so true. In those moments when we are called to "Be Still and wait" You have ten hundred other things that you want or feel you need to do,,,,all in that split second. That's how I feel right now, not only in this minute am I waiting, but in this time in my life. God is telling me wait---wait ----wait a little longer. . . . . .and again I hear wait, while I hear door after door close. I daily am choosing and reminding myself of my choice to wait on Him. I am choosing to wait to see his will for each day with my personal life and then plans He has for me with friendships, relationships, work, church, family, etc. There are serisouly choices I make every day to wait on Him......
So from one bouncing thought to another: (sorry that is what happens when I write at almost 3 am) I wish my life were sometimes more like the Blackberry........Always connected! Right now the very thing that keeps me from being connected, is what I am connected to the most. Does that make sense? Would I get it if God sent me text messages and emailed me with alerts? In this moments while I wait God moves! Here lately, I have lived as if that is the way He is going to speak to me. I have wrapped myself so much into a machine and communication device that the red flash has become the beat of my heart instead of God's word and breath.
I pray you move, or move me!

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