Monday, December 8, 2008


Really bad picture of me, but oh well: we had a great time!

This was the outline of the trip:
We pulled out of Mobile around 10am.
Stopped along the way at some gift/pecan store for a break.
Got to Birmingham around 2:00, checked in hotel---which was beautiful and so comfy! Then we went hunting for something for lunch. After getting in "downtown" Birmingham, let's say in the not so good parts with no luck, we were heading back to find something at hotel and finally found a mexican place with a grocery beside it! Works for us! So we had a great lunch/dinner there and then grabbed some drinks and breakfast for Sunday. We got back to hotel about 5:30 and messed around. While we were just laying around Brandy looked up how far it was to Matt and Tonya's. Guess what? Only 25 minutes----so we call and find out if that was really the case. Matt was so excited and so we went Sunday to church there with him. (We got lost on the way, but we made it) Anyway, we went to concert, did I say we had an amazing time? Then came back and crashed---Alisha slept with me and let's just say we're fits b/c we both sleep like fish----if only Brandy could have taken a picture of us---the sheets were off the bed, the bottom sheet was off the matress hanging on in the corner, it was funny. Then Sunday we woke up and went to Matt's church, then wento see there house and talk to them for a few minutes, then sadly enough head back home. Yes, I got emotional coming home--- too much to face! It was a quick trip but well worth the get away and very much needed. Can't wait to do it again, it will be soon.


Payne Family said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I know that you needed to get away! Glad that the concert was good, I wish I could have gone! Miss ya!

Vallie said...

The video clip of the concert was beautiful. I know if it sounded that good on a clip, it must have really been gorgeous in person. I'm glad you were able to do something so enjoyable on your birthday! Looking forward to your belated birthday lunch tomorrow! See you then. Love you