Monday, December 8, 2008


For my birthday, I really wanted to do something. I didn't want to sit around the house no offense but on facebook all weekend or working, shopping, or just the same ole thing I do every other weekend. I found out about this concert several weeks ago and have been dying to go. However, they weren't coming here- Birmingham, just happened to be the day after my birthday! SOLD! I decided that I was going, it's a very busy time of the year and I knew I was going to find a hard time finding someone to go with me. However, I really I wanted to go, to the point I was okay going by myself. Well I'm glad that didn't happen. Brandy and Alisha went with me and we had an amazing girls weekend! The concert was out of this world. Casting Crowns, Avalon, Natlie Grant, they were all amazing as always! However, I realized I had been looking forward too and so excited for an emotional high. It was something that I was going to feel and be secure in and have an escaped from everything that I'm so consumed with. The night just did that and I didn't want to leave! I felt at peace during that time, but realized the Joy they are singing about, the Peace of the manager, lives in ME! It doesn't live only at concerts, retreats, it lives in ME! However, too many times I ignore it, I snooze through it, I shut the door on it; because I'm too consumed and wrapped up that I don't take the time and allow myself even 10 minutes to step back and be removed. It hit me heard as they were singing "While You Were Sleeping" ---too many times we sleep through and miss things God gives and sometimes were still sleeping when He takes it away. I don't know what your sleep is.......I'm know all to well what mine is and I'm reminded often. Anyway---the night was wonderful----and no I still didn't want to leave and wished it could have lastnight three more hours!

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