Thursday, December 18, 2008

I surrender all!

I'm been in bed for the past hour and can't seem to go to sleep and God only knows that I didn't sleep lastnight. I'm in a season of waiting that is very difficult. Many tears have been shed over the past couple of weeks and even more so hours and days. In the midst of it all, it's been hard- I've questioned and challenged myself, but God is so faithful with everything! It's been a hard year! However, over time I realize more and more, I can't do it on my own. My arms are lifted up and strenched out wide- screaming I surrender all! While I'm waiting----I'm still going to worship and serve You!
Kristi had the heart surgery today Let's just say I wish it was me, I can handle it that way! I didn't sleep lastnight at all b/c I was so worried about her, and then all day today I was a basketcase. Between not having phone reception, a phone dying, monitors, talking in code, and everything else it was rough! However, it's 10pm, surgery is over, she is out of it on morphine(sp) and my mom is asking the doctor some for the rest of us. I will post more tomorrow, but she is hopefully resting peacefully tonight at the hospital. This rough day is ending and I'm sleeping with my arms spread wide saying----I surrender! I was asking everyone else to pray today, and yes I was praying too but realized that I was killing myself trying to be in control, be strong and everything else while still 8 hours away, in you are wondering---it doesn't work!

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