Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So you might have heard me celebrating and well, no it wasn't that! Greater things are yet to come, but not all at the same time! : ) I lost nine pounds this past week! Can I tell you how proud of myself I am. No it wasn't easy, but I faught through the emotional challenges and everything else and won---So now, I'm heading down to lose a lot more! I think I can do this, it wasn't easy but I did it and was very proud of myself. So thanks for the prayers, please keep them up. God has had one hand on my should wrapped around me and the other one over my mouth for more reasons than one! :) I give Him all the glory b/c I'm learning to escape to Him, rather than by myself- whatever I have in the refrig. (Mentional note: I have taped pictures before and after as well as scriptures all over the house: mirrors, refrig, inside refrig, closet, bathroom, you name it-I have one there or close)

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Payne Family said...

Proud of you Tiff!! Can't wait to see you in March!