Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome Sweet Little Jackson

Jackson Carter Sims was born Thursday, February 29, 2009 at 3:42 pm 6 pounds, 6 ounces, 19 inches

Welcome Jackson--I promise you have the best parents ever, not to mention the best aunt Tiffy! Can't wait to play with you and give you lots of kisses and love. I'm praying for you buddy, and I'm glad you have wonderful family to help take care of you right now as your sweet daddy takes care of your wonderful momma. They will be okay and home sleeping with you soon!

Friends- please be in prayer not only for Jackson as he has enter this world and has so much ahead of him. But please also be in prayer for Lindsey and Hampton.
Please see the note below from Hampton's blog. This was all happened Thursday morning, and Hampton wrote this on Friday night. I have talked to them a couple of times each day and she is getting better. God is faithful and on His throne. Hampton and Lindsey and Jackson too---I love you! You're amazing and strong- hang in there! Let me just say it wasn't easy getting the phone call from Hampton one saying Jackson was born and I couldn't be there. I was so close but due to a car wreck on I-55 I was delayed until after 10pm and had to be at work the next morning and so turned around and came home. Then again getting the phone call Thursday a week later to the day, with a different tone in Hamptons voice. I can't wait to hug all of them, however until them I am bathing them in prayer and praising God for the work He is doing and the way He is holding them close.
Hampton's note:
Thursday morning was scary for us. We ended up in the emergency room at 4:30 AM, because Lindsey was losing lots of blood. After arriving in the ER, passing out in the bathroom, & being rolled down to the operating room, we found out that a blood vessel had ruptured and was pumping blood into her intestine. That was a pretty scary diagnosis. The solution was having the best doctors on the planet watching her, the doctors of Brookhaven Ob-Gyn, & the best nurses on the planet, the nurses of King's Daughters Medical Center, taking care of her.After surgery, lots of medicine, 2 units of transfused blood, & a lot of praying, she is going to be doing better. We should start to see some improvement sometime later today. I will be glad to see her feeling better. There are no words to describe how you feel when the one you love more than anyone else on earth is hurting.

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