Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Better hurry quick

Since May is quickly coming to an end I'm not doing much better on the blog; so I thought I better hurry quick and make a post. Wow what a crazy six weeks it has has been with the house. However less than a week ago I signed on the house and I am sitting in it now, moved in and almost settled. I love it!

I love my cross wall. Still working on some of them but this is the far side of the den befor you walk in kitchen.

Front bathroom.

View o part of the den looking into the kitchen, I love how open it is!

Kitchen with door and window going to the outside deck.

Front of the house with my garage---can I say I love being able to pull up and not have to worry unloading my car or anything.

I will be posting pictures of the other bedroom, study, back yard and then my bed and bathroom soon. Still working somethings and hanging pictures and that type of stuff but for th emost part I'm settled.


Payne Family said...

Looking good! I know that you are enjoying having your own place! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Stoots Family said...

Your house is so cute! Love it!!!