Saturday, July 5, 2008

48 days . . . .

I'm super excited. I am starting this new book today and I can't wait to see how God uses it in my life. I desire to work for more than a paycheck. I'm afraid I've falled in the trap already that adults live for that purpose is for a paycheck to pay the bills, so you can just have this cycle and work to pay for rent to have a place to sleep, clothes to wear to work, etc. I have found myself asking, Is this all there is to life? I can't stand that attitude in myself and I have made the choice today to change it. There is purpose in what I do. I am with at least thirty different people a week, most of the time more, but at least thirty. What I can do can make a difference and that is what my purpose is, not drawing a paycheck.

Anyway- I'm doing this challenge of diet and self change together. I'm realizing that life isn't going to change, if I don't get up and move---so I'm moving! I've already encountered some tough questions in here though, so I'll hopefully be able to share them throughout this journey.

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