Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To God be the Glory

Let me just say this: Everyone has a story to tell---Oprah didn't come up with that on her own. Everyone has a story they are living. Everyone has a life with pain that can be overcome. And everyone has the opportunity to turn that pain, that turmoil, those really poor decisions you made (yeah, I raise my hand on that one), into something for which you can give God glory.

Today, one my best friends sent me this video link from Youtube. I watched it after a crazy and frustrating day and could help but cry like a baby. God's amazing! In situations we don't understand and don't think we can overcome---God is there. In sickness when we don't see the end ----God is there! Wow I could go on and on with situations that I am dealing with as well as close friends and family members.

So ... do me a quick favor and view this video:

What is my cardboard testimony? Are you going to take the time to stop and think about?
Hurt and discouraged which inturn is daily changed by Held by the Hope
Burdend and Confused which in turn is daily changed by Lead by the Way
I could go on and on and I think you could too . . . . .we all have been set free! We just need to hold on to that freedom--and run with it.

Wow----I have been praying for change in my church and people to be real. How amazing would it be if people were challenged by this and we presented it. Walls would be destroyed, lives would be changed, and people would be unmasked and it wouldn't be about us----We could realize and come together holding up our signs saying "To God be the Glory- for this is what He's done in Me." How awesome of a picture would it be to have people standing around the entire church--holding there signs. Wow---YES I'm still crying! I've had revival in my heart tonight!

I hope your with me on this----I am just such a visual picture that this brought it all home for me and I pray it ministers to you too.

Let's run in the freeom of Christ,
Love ya'll-

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Payne Family said...

Thanks for sending this out through email. I cried too! Great reminder that Christ is always doing things for us and if we will tell others it can touch them too!