Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am free to run!

"Through YOU, my heart screams I am FREE to run, dance and live for you." John 8:36. This morning in church, we sang three of the songs I love the most right now. I Am Free, This is What It Feels Like to Be Free, and Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone. I get excited and tearful at the same times with these songs. I'm so blessed to be free in some areas of my life and I give God glory for it, however I struggle with other areas and seek His freedom. Even in the midst of times like this morning when things aren't going my way, I'm Free in Him. I'm not bound to a computer that doesn't work. I'm not chained to a position or people that don't understand and are judging because you can't make things work they way they want it too. Drew and I this morning got to discuess before services about the cardboard testimony. He shared with me that one of the pastors from that church, was at camp with them this week and shared the movement that happened from it. Drew said it was amazing becacuse He hadn't heard anything about it or seen it, then he meets this guy and hears and then three hours later, his blackberry goes off and it's me sharing about it. God's good! Anyway, I say that to say, I was commenting on how my sign this morning would be, "Even though I can't fix computers and make words on the screen come up" I would flip my sign and have it doesn't matter----God can fix anything. Drew announced nothing was working again, but that it didn't matter. I wanted to kill him as I heard him say, Tiffany Lamey . . . . . shared with me this morning how she hates technology when it doesn't work, however she loves Jesus. After the shock of him mentioning my name and everyone turning around, I realized that I did say it and it's true that I love Jesus and that's what matters: Not if I can get a computer to work or not. It doesn't matter! I'm FREE!!!! Needless to say, after I taught Sunday School for Linda Peak and came back in the service and stayed for the entire service. I was free from the soundbooth b/c it didn't work. I know that God stopped the computer from working today b/c He wanted me to experience that freedom. It wasn't something that we couldn't fix or figure out--- I believe that he wanted me to have a true posture of worship instead of working through the service. I am very greatful for the time. I experienced Freedom and looking forward to seeing other things He releases me from or changes my attitudes about.

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