Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not messing around

Well, I shared yesterday that I have started a new book and let's just say it didn't waste any time kicking off. I'm already very uncomfortable with it's challenges. It started off asking some questions that made me think:

What was I born to do? Love God, love people
What would be my greatest contribution to others? Loving God and with His love, loving others. I believe when that is done- Christ is most glorified and everything would fall in place.
What do I really love to do? (When I’m doing it times just flies by) I love to be with people, time flies by when I am helping people and working with them to make a difference. I also love lead and organizing events that can be enjoyed by families together.
What are the recurring themes that I find myself drawn to? Working with a team of Christ centered people that all have the same goal and purpose.
How do I want to be remembered? I want to be remembered as a person that Loves God and loves people. Seriously it sounds so simple, but it’s the banner I want to live by. If I love God and follow Him faithful, everything else is going to fall accordingly to His purpose and plan.

These questions weren't that hard they developed into: While daydreaming what do you see yourself doing? What have been the happiest and most fullfilling moments in your life? Let's just say I felt my toes get stepped on. I don't want to say I haven't daydreamed but to admit to what it is more diffuicult for some reason. I guess it goes back to the worth issue. My worth is defined by what I do. WOW! Growing up as I said I wanted to do ministry my parents said I wouldn't make any money and I couldn't do that. When I said I wanted to major in Christian Education- I was told I couldn't do anything with that. Etc. The end result of my daydreaming consist of me sharing the freedom of Christ with others and living in it! I need to just work things and develop that in mylife more now.

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