Saturday, September 6, 2008

Complete Day

Call me crazy---I would agree! Today has been a wonderful day, even though I'm on call again I feel so loved. Today is Doug's birthday and while I was cleaning house this morning he called and ask if I could play with Ava, while they went on the boat. Of course- I jumped on the chance. I love his precious children and since I don't have any of my own, I enjoy every chance I can to spoil others. I'm so thankful for them and then also the Mike and Brandy's kids. Anyway so I headed over here around 11:00 and then became

"Mom" Once Ave woke up from her nap, we went and got Jennifer, had lunch at Atlanta Bread, and then went to Wal-Mart. Then it was back to the house for nap time. I guess it is the need that I enjoy: I know she is depending on me. As she slept on my chest I was overwhelmed with emotions. I long for the day that I will be married and have children of my own. I am praying for friends as several are currently expecting. Another friend, I'm trusting God that He provides her with great peace as she desires to have another baby and she seeks His perfect timing and miracle. I know our God is faithful and I don't take lightly that His timing is perfect. So again tonight as I gained Kyle and Emma while they went to dinner I continued the roles of a mother: dinner, baths, brushing teeth, bedtime stories and prayers, and goodnight kisses. After putting the older two to bed, I got Ava out of her swing and bathed her, and then was feeding her a bottle as I was once again overwhelmed with emotions. I don't know why and I've tried to figure it out but there has been a special peace and cleansing feeling that came with those tears. I feel refreshed by there love and need for me. I can't wait till the day I become a mother. Tonight I have just wanted to watch them sleep and love them more and more. I can't wait to be a partent. I know it's a hundred times different and God cares more than any parent ever could but I'm amazed tonight to think about how God wants to watch me sleep and rest in Him. He just wants me to embrace and need and trust Him to provide for me. I'm so thankful that I can rest in Him tonight knowing that just as Ava counts on me, I can count on me the only differnce is that I won't always be there for Ava and I'll makes mistakes and let her down even as much as I lvoe her b ut my Heavenly Father will never let me down. PRAISE God!

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