Friday, September 5, 2008

I can't fix it

Alright me and my personality aren't getting along today. I realized how much of a fix it person I am and I can't stand to have a problem that there is nothing I can do. That's were I'm resting tonight. I am resting knowing that there is nothing I can do, except pray and trust that God that can do anything! I can't fix or change a lot of things in my life right now. I can't fix or make things whole for a friend of mine who is gathering with family to celebrate the last days of there mother. There isn't a fix! I can't fix other freinds struggles, hurts, and challenges: I haven't been there in some of those situations that they are dealing with. Yet, my heart hurts for them as I lift them up in prayer. On one hand I so desire to have my hands in the midst of what is going on but I realize that this hand's aren't made for that but to praise the Holy One who can. So with that being said---I'm trying to leave my tools as unequiped as I am behind and watch the Master at work. Please join me in prayer for the many of friends right now that are heartbroken and hurting.

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