Saturday, September 13, 2008

Full of Emotions

This week has been full of emotions and they all rank at different levels at different times. Today has been the mountain top of it, and hopefully it's down hill from here. I'm finally off call, I went to my parents to help them lastnight clean up from the water, and had a good nights sleep. I was still very exhausted, I woke up to a relaxed morning with getting my hair cut and highlighted along with a massage. It was nice, but then it was the rat chase trying to get back home, cleaned up for a wedding shower. I didn't make it to that, my dad fell so there was this scared emotion b/c he had blood everywhere- he is very blessed and okay. He is cut up pretty bad but mom is taking really good care of him. So, I left there house only to drive back to town for a memorial service. Ressa's mom passed away Thursday afternoon and as sad as I am for there family, and even as many tears as I've cried, it's awesome to know that she is now dancing with Jesus: so with that it made me a little jealous. Then I got sweet love from friends as meet them for dinner. I was overwhelmed by the kids love for me, it was so sweet! Then tonight was cool as I got to see and spend some time with friends and former co-workers that have moved to follow God's calling. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters! So as you can see there were a range of emotions just today! However the week has been full of them. Hopefully soon things will be balanced out a little more.

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