Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cozy Part 2

I love Sunday afternoon naps......they are priceless to me! Even more so today, as I got home this morning at 4:30 from keeping the kids. After a quick nap, I went to church very late at 7am to setup for the service, with problems of course. The computer once again was moved and not wanting to work well. I finally got it up, with no time remaining. I think I would have been a little quicker if I had sleep but I was not moving as fast as normal.

However, I quickly came home and dove in my bed with my cell phones OFF. (Yes, you can believe it, I know it never happens but it did today.) I was so cozy with the pillows all around me, the most comfy sleeping clothes I have, the air down cold, the curtains closed, I was COZY! I am guessing too cozy, as I slept most of the day! But I needed it. Now I am cleaning house, washing clothes, fixing meals for this week (I'm on the not eating out plan, even for lunch) and getting ready to go back to bed.

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Payne Family said...

Good for you! Everyone needs a weekend like this every now and then!!