Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lesson Learned

Today I learned a lesson the hard way----You can guess where this is going but let me tell you about it anyway so you can go ahead and get a good laugh. So today I had my friend's sisters wedding: They had ask me to be the photographer for the wedding and I was so excited. I got up, did a couple of things and then was ready to head ot my parents and then go on over. Well, I load up the car, and go to crank, and it wouldn't turn over it. I kept trying, getting more and more frustrated and then realized that I saw the gas light. HELLO DUMMY! The gas light had come on but I hate getting gas: I'm always in my car either during 1. I'm on kmy way to work with no time or 2. It's late at night like lastnight when it isn't safe to stop. So I'm out of gas, have to be in MS and have myself in big mess. I live in an apartment so it's not like I have gas cans just laying around. I had to laugh at myself, b/c I am the crazy one who put myself in the situation. So within several paniced phone calls, I had Amanda bring me one of her dad's gas cans. Let's do the math- I have a 18 gallon tank, she brought me 3 gallons straight. I went straight from the apartment to the gas station which is less than a half of milw and put in 17.8 gallons. I thinkI was beyond out of gas. I'm very thankful that's all it was. I'm thankful for Amanda bringing me gas, I hated asking but I had gone through techs and others. Anyway----I'll tell about the wedding later, I just thought it was an intresting way to start the day.

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