Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep

It sure takes a lot to get ready for a day: in a normal day to go to work--prep time includes shower, makeup, rolling hair, getting dressed, making bed and leaving house by 6:40am. Prep for a family or friends coming includes looking nice, but also having the house look nice too, and maybe even something to eat or drink in the refrig. Thanksgiving or holiday prep is another story: baseboards have to be cleaned, every cm of the house has to be spotless, if you're a Lamey you might even paint a few bedrooms or even a garage, buy a bed,  relandscape, buy enough food for an army, rent movies for a year, get enough supplies for Lamey craft time, and make sure you have pictures and gifts that everyone has given you out of the closet or the dump in just that right spot so they can see it. :) You see that takes a lot of work, energy, money and time. Granted things might look amazing, everyone might have everything they ever thought about craving, watching, or doing but something is still missing. Yeah the driveway and yard are full of cars all sizes and colors, bikes, golfcarts, etc but a few are missing, which just doesn't make it the same. Grammy, Mike, Lisa, and Loren at the last minute couldn't come. :( We're bumbed b/c we have looked forward to it for so long. 
So the paint might still be wet, and the new bed might have just been delivered but in the grand canvas of it all: it doesn't matter. The point is to be thankful and spend the time close friends and family. Things might be challenging, and things change but wow we still have so much to be thankful for. I pray that everyone including myself doesn't get too busy in the prep that we loose focus on the time together, our many blessings and even the things like amazing sunsets. 

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

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