Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Being Reminded and Secured

Alright, can I confess? Are you going to read my confession? You got to hang with with me! I hate wearing a seat belt. You would think from my car accident that I wouldn't drive without it. But I don't like it and in the past several months have gotten out of the habit of driving with it on. Until now that is! The good ole Honda Pilot that I'm driving has the crazy loud beep that goes off every thirty seconds if you don't have it on and are driving. Oh my goodness---it will drive you crazy until you want to strangle yourself with the seat belt. Anyway- I was on the phone with a friend today listening to it go off and commented on how easy it would be to put the seat belt on but instead how I would rather just remove the sound. I even looked it up in the car manual to see if one of my bosses who is good with cars could do it. My friend and I laughed about it and moved on. Well as I was stopping somewhere else my mom calls, and hears it go off. The famous question comes up, "Why aren't you wearing your seat belt?" What in the world? Of course she could hear it too over the phone. Anyway, so I quickly put it on to make it stop. Then as I sat at a red light forever and ever there was that silence that makes you think. The selt belt is there for  purpose and that is to  keep you secured and close in result to prevent or decrease injuries. We all know that! It has directions to show you how to put it on and even in the proper way! Hang with me: I thought about it and realized how I was being stupid not wearing it b/c it is there for my protection. Then I thought about about many other things in my life beep as a reminder and caution that I want to turn off without even realizing it. God puts people and relationships in our path to guide and direct us that sometimes just sound like annoying beep---however they are speaking God's truth. He sends the Holy Spirit to shed light on the areas that need guidance. He provides his Word to lead and guide. He puts challenges and road blocks to make us stronger and learn so when the next big crash comes, we don't fly through the glass, even though we should have seen it coming and end up with cutup faces. He puts those belts in our lives to hold us closer and more secure to Him. Alright, so now what? My idea has changed: I promise to wear my seat belt in the car and also be more aware of the seat belts that are helping hold me close to my Heavenly Father. I will remember not to try to find ways to ignore or turn you off, but grab hold of the love that is behind it.  A few of you are just that: You're my seat belt. Did I just call you an annoying beep---sometimes YES! However, I'm now thankful for those times when I think you are just that b/c I realize now more than ever why your doing it. You want me to be held close, grow, walk and talk closely with Jesus. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you speaking truth when it's difficult and I'm hardheaded. Thank you for belting in with me on this journey and letting God drive us further together! Now, because I have confessed your held even more responsible to hold me accountable! 

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