Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts that keep floating . . .

Alright, I'm reminding myself to be thankful. This week's been very emotional with many roller coaster rides within it. I have found myself explaining this afternoon my reasoning with a couple different people who just don't understand about hurricanes. With my parents working in insurance it's a hard road during hurricane time. My personal home was not damaged in Katrina, however the houses south of our on our street were. Some where completely destroyed and gone while others were flooded with 6-8 feet f water. One of my best friends had several feet of water in her house and lost everything just about. I remember the nightmares of not knowing if my uncle was alive as he had to ride out the storm sitting on top of the truck, as he house flooded with over six feet of water and after the storm was unable to be found for several days. I remember getting the phone call saying praying for a friend and there family. A friend of mine had chosen to stay for the storm, and when the water came in there house, they decieded to leave, and ended up at her mom's studio under the stage. She sent her mom a text message saying, "If she didn't make it out alive, she was under the stage and she loved her very much." I remember the scares of hearing that one of my doctor's house flooded and then his house burned and hewas in it (Thankfully his house burned but he did make it out and live) I clearly remember seeing the circles on the house wiht the military markings saying that number alive and dead in the house. This wasn't just in New Orleans but Pascagouola/Moss Point as well, which is where I lived. These are just a few of the thoughts, there were so many more lives competely turned upside down with the loss of loved ones, the loss of everything they own, and then the rebuilding reality. It's been a hard long road- that really seems just like yesterday. One positive thing was that some lives were changed for the positive- People realized that they could make it own there own, there homes needed to be rebuilt but so do there lives and they needed a firm foundation. Tonight as I have sat looking through pictures, I came across this one and was blown away. This sweet lady had water to her roof. She crawled in the refrigrator as it was being pulled out of her house by the currents and then was able to grab hold of the train and ride out the storm in one of those carts. I'm thankful of God's hand of protection for her during that time but also now as everyone prepares again for a storm. God knows where it's going we don't have a clue. So now as I've made myself sick looking from to and then all the news stations and all saying something diffierent and changing from hour to hour- I'm going to bed resting/trying to knowing God's in control. Please pray for protection and peace. Until next time - - -- - -

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