Friday, August 15, 2008


Well every once in a while, I think I want time off to just be lazy and do stuff around the house. However, I think I am going to stop thinking that way, b/c I get it but it is never the way I think it should be. Looking back at this past year, it has been for surgery or being really sick. I know I am hard headed so maybe there is truth in that is the only way I will do it. But I'm over it now. I feel horrible, would love to breath, feel like moving, getting out of this apartment. FYI- My mom cleaned everything! It looks amazing, she did every closet, drawer, cabinet- everything! I have to put some stuff up in the study but other than that it's so clean and nice. I'm enjoying it but would love to get out and move instead of going from the couch to the bed. :) Please pray that Monday comes quickly---I'm suppost to be able to drive Monday, well I will have too b/c I have a doctors appointment. I feel like the poster below. I see the mountain before me and I'm working my way to the top, it's just taking a while! The swelling in my nose is going down, which is good but bad, I'm feeling the stitches and all now and ouch! Anyway, i did finish the digital scrapbook today of New York and that made me very happy!

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