Thursday, August 14, 2008

Third time a charm?

Well friends, I have had sinus surgery for the third time in ten years. I know how crazy is that! It was yesterday morning, I must be one stupid person to do this for the third time. Seriously people say you forget how horrible the delivery is having a baby, because you have a precious gift from God that makes up for all the pain! Well, I'm wondering what the benfit is for this when apparently it hasn't worked. :) I guess I get scared into and hope for a little relief. I have had growths through my sinses and down my throat which caused horrible headaches, my cheeks and teeth to hurt and of course sinsus infections all the time. Anyway, they did a ct scan and found that they were back again, (I guess that just couldn't listen to me.) Anyway, this was back in June but due to the heart murmer they found, I had to go through all that testing to be prepared for the surgery. So yesterday was the big day, the ct scan only showed the left side, which is where my teeth hurt, however they got in and they had to remove growths from all of the sinus cavities they were much worse than they thought. Also, there was infection so they couldn't pack, which has just left me with a load of fun to deal with. Seriously though, it has gotten on my nerves and made me sick, but it doesn't hurt as bad as it has in the past b/c it's not dried in there. Plus I don't have to dread it being pulled out. PRAISE GOD! I am also thankful that my mom has been here. She has been wonderful and very helpful. She has sacrified so much lately with the problems I have had. So is so patient and wonderful as I am not the best when I am sick and as you can imagine get very frustrated when I can't go like I normally do. She has to leave tomorrow, but I couldn't have done it this far without her. Anyway, please continue to pray that I heal quickly and this sick feeling goes away. I have gotten sick from the pain medicine and so I am unable to take it. Anyway, I'm just being lazy and ready for this to be over! I go Monday to have the splint cut out and then have the testing done so hopefully we can prevent this from happening.

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Payne Family said...

Sorry that you are having a hard time. We will be praying that this time is the "charm" and it will be worth it. Don't think of yourself as lazy! Continue getting some rest so you can heal! Love ya!!