Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love God Love Others

On Friday, I was ask a really random question and needless to say I've thought about it a lot. What would you like your epitaph to read? Why? 

Now, I've thought about my legacy and what I want to be remembered by but they would be based on stories and relationships. How do I want my life to be summed up, within a couple of words? It didn't take long for me to realize it's my purpose/mission statement with a past tense to it. :) I live now to love God, and love others. So on my grave, I would like "Live to Love God and Others."  What would yours be? Are you living it now? It didn't take me that long to realize it but what I spent some much time thinking about is that what others would say about me. Is that what you would write? I hope so, but as we all do, we make mistakes and sometimes don't show the love that we should. 

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Vallie said...

I agree that I would want mine to be "Loved God and Loved People". Have you seen the T-Shirt that I bought from David Nassar that says that very thing? Your thoughts are always so good. I am proud to call you my daughter :)