Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kristi's Surgery

Catching up: On December 18- my sister, Kristi had heart surgery in Jacksonville, FL. Five years ago, doctors realized that she had a disorder that instead of heart heart rate going up, it goes down and sometimes drops causing her to pass out. While I was at in Jackson at MC, this happened but her heart stopped for several minutes, causing her to have a pacemaker put in. Well after five years and much use they realized it was being used a great deal, but not working the way it should. The electrodes came out of the bottom of her heart and were burning her which in turn caused much pain, not to mention that that battery was out. Anyway, there was no choice but for her to have everything replaced and fixed. So she did just that, it was very scary but I really appreciate your prayers and support. It was very difficult being here, not in control, or even knowing what was going on. There were many scary calls made - but God is good and saw us through it. She had to be put on a lot of medicine because they had to do so much work to the muscles and tissues that the pacemaker had burned since they were out. However, she is still recovering but doing much better. It was great seeing her at Christmas and being able to touch her and know she was okay. Thanks for your faithful prayer and support. This picture is from Kristi and Meagan at Thanksgiving in Mom and Dad's shop.

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