Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Heart Will Go On

Alright, here is a quick video that I took with my camera. I couldn't believe how well it turned out. When she went to the other side of the stage, (it was set in square and she walked around it) I went to the screen so you can see how close we were. It was beautiful!

The concert was amazing! We agreed that it was better than Vegas because it was really all about her. Yes there were dancers on some songs, she did a lot of cool video effects but it was her and not a production that is the same every night. The stage was amazing with the set up. It could do just about anything. It raised and lowered her, the band in different parts and then when you think it couldn't go any further, another part would raise her more. She changed into seven differnet dresses and shoes. She personalized it with talking about New Orleans and how she shot her first music video there. She talked about Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding the city and the lives there. She shared her heart between the songs which made it even more incridable. She was so incridable. The energy there was more than I have ever seen before anywhere. She poured everything she had into and it showed and was worth it.

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