Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up . . . . yet again . . .

Wow- I can't believe that I look at everyone's blog everyday and get frustrated when I know something is going on with them, but yet they don't update it. Ha ha ha ha! Wait, I don't update mine all the time either. Anyway, so here is the update on the Biggest Loser Challenge with myself. It started of great Monday and Tuesday- I won the battle of knowing I'm an emotional eater, claiming it and moving past it. Several times throughout both days were challenged but I overcame it. I ate salads and yogart and chicken and was so proud of myself. I might want to add that I took time for myself both days. I relaxed and even watched TV. (You're talking to the person who plugged the TV back in just a few weeks ago from having it unplugged from the hurricane) I watched the Bachelor Monday night and really laughed a lot at how crazy the girls were. I can't imagine throwing myself out there like that--however, if I looked like they did, which I will soon- I guess I would handle myself differently. Tuesday night I watched the Biggest Loser on TV. It was a wonderful motivation for me. I saw girls my size on national TV standing boldly saying they wanted to make a difference to there lives. Everyone on the show had an amazing start losing so much weight only in one week. They worked out hard and were proud of themselves at the weigh in. It was very encouraging to me to push myself harder.

Wednesday rolled around and the the world fell apart at work. From an outage that morning stress levels were very high, several meetings and frustrations caused me to work from 6am-7pm. It was such a long day, the last thing I wanted was to be oncall, however on a positive note, I had been on already 8 days and it hadn't been bad, I only had two days left . Due to the outage I knew there was noway I was going to make it out for my training. I was very bummed but I want to show I'm a team player. Plus I needed to be at the office handling things otherwise I would have gotten all of those calls while training and that wouldn't have worked either. So oh well, I cancelled it and moved past it. I was very discouraged that I didn't keep it but reminded myself that things do happen. Even my boyfriend Bob in the book says those things happen. So I made it through the day of work. Jennifer and I have been trying to get together for a while, just to hang out and catch up. She was able to come over and it was wonderful just to be able to sit down and talk with her. I'm so proud of her as she is really pushing forward, meeting her goals with her personal life and within her job. It was a very nice calm ending to a crazy day.
Thursday morning, I woke up and just wasn't feeling right, my friend Ressa called and ask if we could do lunch, I was so excited and we went to Big Time---which I was a good girl and had tuna and a salad. It was a great time to catch up. Ressa lead a Bible Study when I was in the college group and her and her husband Keith were also our Sunday School teachers. They are an amazing Godly couple would I love and respect so much. It's always a pleasure to spend time with her and encourage and love each other. After lunch, I felt worse and by the time 4 o'clock came I was out of it-- my voice was barley hanging on and I felt horrible. I ran to Baby'R'us because to get Hampton and Lindsey the stroller for Jackson Carter who should be coming soon and then came home and seriously was in bed by 5:30. Thankfully I didn't have any calls for on call, because I was out.
Friday rolled around and goodness, as a co-worker Tracy said I showed I was sick through my eyes. As much as I try, I can't hide it. I worked through the day, and then ran to my parents when I got off b/c we were suppost to be leaving for Celine tomorrow!!! Woohooo---only a day left. Again I was in the bed by 7pm. I have say that I really don't remember what I ate those two days I was sick and really didn't care, I was just focused on getting in the bed. I just remember thinking I wasn't very proud of myself. :(

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