Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick week :(

Alright so after the concert we crashed in the hotel. Sunday Morning we woke up and were getting ready, Kristi had to catch the plane. So we saw her off and then Anna had text to see if we wanted to meet for breakfast. I was so excited, we got our showers, checked out of the hotel and then my parents dropped me off and they were going to find a place to park. I got us a table and everything and was talking with Anna and her mom, when my parents called back and said they had blocked off the roads for a marthon and they couldn't get back. :( So I ordered for them to go, and huged Anna and went to meet them so we go ahead and get on the road. We weren't in the car twenty minutes before I knew it wasn't going to be a good ride home. I was sick but then realized I was going to start throwing up. It was horrible! Needless to say, the ride home was a long one. When I finally got to my house and got a shower, I went straight to bed. I had missed Ava's first birthday party and was so upset but there was no way I could have made it. I emailed Tim and told him I wasn't going to be at work and then feel asleep. Monday, I was still sick and throwing up, I had a doctors appointment and it couldn't come fast enough. I got a shower and headed there only to wait forever! I love my doctor though so I guess it was worth the wait. After a shot, two presciptions later I was out of there. Now it's Tuesday afternoon I'm in bed, feeling somewhat better. I'm not throwing up so that's a plus, however I'm now having the hot flashes, swallon red face and side effects of the steriod shot. Yeah just what I always wanted another steriod shot---needless to say the diet has been down the hill with the weight loss challenge. I'm sure I've lost weight but not the way I had planned. I had to cancel yet again the 1 on 1 personal training that I rescheduled for this afternoon. I didn't even try to reschedule again because I leave or was planning on it Friday morning to to to OK City for my grandmother's 80th Birthday and then coming back Sunday. Then I have no clue what's in store for me at the office. So I will have to call back with that appointment. I hopeing though as much as I didn't want the steriods, b/c of the side effects and then also the weight gain it does good- it's only been five months since my sinus surgery and so my doctor was not excited that I had gotten this bad off this quick. He wants to schedule a scan to see if the growths are growing again in my sinuses and if so come up with a plan to stop them. Yeah---after 3 sinus surgeries I think that is a great idea. So anyway- we shall see from here. I'm just taking it easy today and resting.

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