Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lameypalooza 2008

Great friends come together again! Moss Point might not be very far away neither are good friends. Even though we are spread throughout the nation, we gather together once a year to celebrate life. We graduated high school six years ago and this will be our fourth annual Lameypalooza at my apartment. I don't know where the name came from, but whatever they named it! It was a great night with a few of my close friends from high school. It's awesome how we can gather after such a long time apart and still laugh and make fun of each other from stuff forever ago,,,,,needless to say I might not remember all of the things or people but the ones I do are the ones who matter. We are all going separate ways and I'm so proud of our class. Out of our core group, we will have several doctors, a physical therapist, a couple of lawyers, counselors, and everything else you can imagine. It's cool to see the people who have gotten married, had children already, and what they are doing. We were also sadden to see how many of my classmates took a different path. Some aren't meeting there potential, several I learned are doing serious drugs, some are in jail for life for the choices they made, and then others have lost there life. As we came together I was full of mixed emotions. I was so excited to see everyone but felt very different. It hit me very hard that I'm not were I'm needing to be. I'm not proud of myself and what I'm doing. Everyone was talking about what they are giving back and I just kinda looked at my hands and realized how they were turned toward myself. I'm not giving back. I haven't reached my highest level, I'm not doing what I'm suppost to be doing. I vowed then with my friend Matt- that things were going to change. I need to raise the bar in my life: I need to get my Master's Degree, I need to lose the weight, I need to give back and spend time helping children, I need to further myself in other ways instead of being miserable. These things might seem to be about me---but they will help me in the long run to give back at a higher level. Lameypalooza 2008 will never be forgotten with me. I am hoping it is pride in a good way but I felt it wasn't said, but that people even these being some of my close friends wanted to tell me I wasn't meeting greatest potential and they would have been correct. However---today is a new day! I have filled out more applications for my master's. I have signed up for a weigh loss program, I'm detoxing myself from "life" ----NO- not drugs or alcohol! Watch out 2009 here I come!

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