Saturday, June 7, 2008

What in the world???

Last Friday, I went into the apartment office to pay rent and while I was there I was asking about a couple of issues I am having with the apartment--such as the power going out EVERY day. Anyway, I ask when my lease was up? The end of August she replied, are you looking to move? First though was no, not really, I was just checking. She quickly informed me that rent was going to go up. Yikes! Alright, how much? Well if you sign by the end of June, only $60. But if you wait till August, I'm not sure b/c we are schedule for another increase. This one went into effect right after I signed. So she said could go up another $50-$60. So that is at least another $100. Can I just say no way!

Anyway, so of course I start thinking what am I going to do, I have a month to deciede. Anyway, so I get home last Friday night and start looking at townhomes. I really hate paying rent at such a large amount and I have done it for four years. So that equals a large amount as well. Anyway, so I find three, right around the corner that I have seen and loved. So last Saturday I showed my parents and they thought they were cute as well. So I called a friend of mine from the church Kevin who is a realtor and ask him if he would set up a time so I could see them. Wow- I felt lik a big girl then. So we did, for Thursday afternoon at 5pm. Perfect, b/c that was suppost to be right after my doctor's appoinement. Well b/c I was still in Jackson, I had to reschedule both appointments. (Don't chew me out- for rescheduling the doctor's appointment again, believe me I know) Anyway, so lastnight I meet him. My parents didn't want to come, b/c they didn't want to get me excited as it was my choice but a huge one! Jennifer went with me and wow we were blown away at how different the three were. The first one had new nice carpet but complete mirrors on the den wall, and then on one wall in each of the bedrooms. Freaky! No thanks. The second one, I walked in and said, I'm home. It was perfect. Everything about it! It was totally me. But still I wanted to see the last one, wow- nasty. Red carpet, gold staircase, and smelly. No thanks! So please pray as I figure all of this out. I will be back in Jackson the first part of this week agian, but then working to see if I can make this work. I'm not sure what I am going to do. Jennifer agreed with me that it was perfect and no comparison to the others. I'm just scared, am I ready to do this. Is this where I need or want to be. Please pray God either opens the doors completely or shuts it loudly. I also am praying for my parents through this. Sounds crazy, but they really had a hard time when I bought my car and they didn't have to sign or anything at all. This is going to be even worse, I am the baby. They cried as I emailed them the pictures b/c as am I, they have completely mixed emotions. Once again, my hearts cry is Lord move, or move me. Pray for me please, this might not seem big, but i have three weeks to lock down the price for $60 more a month or wait another four weeks and could be a $100. So times is of importace.


Anonymous said...

SEND PICS! I want to see this awesome town home you're looking at. And how exciting! You have a great Realtor, too. Kevin is awesome. I'm praying for you as this is a big decision, but I don't blame you...I wouldn't want to pay $100 more a month on your apartment either! That's just ridiculous! Good luck!

Payne Family said...

I want to see pics too! I am excited for you! We will be praying for you too!!! Love ya!