Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanging in

Can I tell you how excited that I am? Why--- It's 11:45pm and I go off call in seven hours and fifteen minutes! :) Little things in life! It was a very busy weekend for on call, but I'm thankful this week has been active but not that bad. Thank you for praying.

For those of you who knew thanks for praying today as well. I made it through marthon day, and I'm sure my insurance is glad it's over too. However, it was only another step I'm afriad. I started of this morning with a CT of my head for my sinuses. The gentleman who was doing it was so sweet, asking if I had done this before. I just said, Yes sir. He left and ask me to sit on the table, and I went ahead and got in the crazy position that they make you do for this particular scan. He came back and started laughing---he said I guess you have had this before. It brought a little humor to the beginning of the day. After all I have had to sinus surgeries before, and those come with a lot of scan experienes. So I'm a pro and can master the crazy position they want you to be in.
"Disclaimer: I am not crazy enough as you might think to take my camera and take this picture, I pulled it off google."
Well the ct confirmed what we already knew, the growths are back in my sinuses and have to be removed. So I have that surgery scheduled in the second week in August. I'm having to wait b/c they found a heart murmur, and are sending me to a cardiologist Tuesday. Like I needed anything to add to this adventure. God's amazing though, because I'm not worried about any of it. I'm thankful that this is everything and if there's more; we will be able to handle that too. Anyway- I also am going in the end of July for additional allergy testing. You would think three sets of skin test would be enough but they aren't sure why I am continuing to have these problems with my sinuses.

So then just fourty five minutes later I was able to go to the next appointmnent. Can I tell you that it make such a difference when you feel comfortable with your doctor. I am so thankful for this surgeon, he was wonderful as I had really had it enough. He did the ultrasound and was unable to do anything because it was so enlarged so he had to order another CT. :) They were wonderful and got me in today. So I went down only to find out that I had to drink half gallon of what they call a milk shake. WHATEVER--I don't like regular milkshakes, not to mention someething like that. It was horrible. Anyway, I had to drink all of it and wait two hours. So I get there and realize that they have to do an IV---after three tries they finally listened to and put it in my hand. Yeah---I was pretty frustrated at this point. Please pray as I wait for these results. I'm thankful today is over, but now wishing I wasn't feel sick as well. Let's just say there milkshakes aren't something I ever hope to have again. Once again, I know that even though I'm confused on how I could have so many growths in different places, I know God isn't confused. I know He is not suprised as I was today about the heart murmer. He's still in control and on His thrown.

I had such a sweet time of worship Wednesday night with Reesa, her mom, and Jennifer at the hospital. It was awesometo speed the time with them and hear how Reesa's mom was still giving God the glory as she was in the hosptial only to find out she now has a third brain tumor, and the other two have grown rapidly since the surgery three weeks ago. She's faithful! It was awesome to hear her share how she loved her Heavenly Father and she knew He was taking care of her Even after the five battles of cancer before. Pray for them please---They started the strongest amount or radiation a person can have today. I think God used Wednesday night to get my heart right for everything I would face today. I'm nothing without Christ, but yet everything with Him. He choose Reesa's mom to continue to fight another round because He knew she would give him Glory. Right now I think about that for myself and have to rethink the way I deal with things. I can use these little challenges to give Him glory as well. Pray I'm faithful. Pray I give Him glory not only in the wonderful hill top times but also during the stressful times at work, at the doctors office or when I feel alone. Pray that as I wait for what seems like forever either for the phone calls to follow up and get results or in the offices with appointments that He will allow me to be calm and also give Him glory.

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