Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I don't know if your anything like me but right now but I am sadly by how much sickness there is. Seems like cancer is an everyday word and I don't want it to be.

I am so burden right now for so many of my friends. I had to go back to Jackson yesterday, and this morning called my mom only to find her in tears. I kept asking, Mom- What's wrong? It really freaked me out at 7:30am b/c I knew my brother and sister-in-law were suppost to be driving in today. Anyway, she had just recieved a phone call that a family friend George Leggett had passed away a few hours before, and his wife was just leaving the hosptial and called my parents. George and Kaye just spent the week before with my parents, they live a couple of hours away right now and were looking to move back to the coast. Anyway, Mr. George was snoring and she kept trying to wake him up and he started coughing and then next thing she knew she was doing cpr and calling 911. Please pray for the family. They have two kids that are my age, Brad and Ali. Anyway-- we are still waiting on the funeral arragements but this wsa very unexpected as he was in good health and farely young. It was also a huge wake up call again for my parents, a s this is someone that is there age.

Also- please join me in praying for Reesa's mom. She has two tumors in her brain. They removed 90% of one two weeks ago and then the other one they could get to. They are suppost to start treatment with her. Reesa is one of the most Godly women in the world and I am so burden for her as she takes care of her mom. Pray she can remain strong and feel God's peace and comfort. Her mom has won 6 battles of cancer and is a strong women- please pray that she will continue to follow doctors orders and not give up.

Teresa's dad- was released from the hosptial after three rough weeks. Home Health care is coming to help, but he sure is happy being at home. Please pray for Teresa and her mom as they take care of him. It has been a exhalsting couple of weeks.

There are so many others as a co-workers neice was in a car accident and is critical condition in GA. They are freinds that are expecting, frineds that have moved, friend that is making a choice to stay in a marriage, friends that are moving jobs, friened who lost his dad less than a month ago, friend who's sister is not making wise choices at all. It continues . . . . . . .Please join me in praying for these tonight. I'm not in this situations right now, and don't kn ow what these friends are feeling but yet my heart hurts for them and what they're going through.

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Vallie said...

Hello My Sweet Daughter!
I was so excited to see that you had left a comment on my blog. You will go down in history of being the first one to do that! Wow! What an honor! On a sadder note, you know that I do share with you in your grief for all the deaths that seem are surrounding us at this time. My dear friend, John Norsworthy's funeral is today at 3:00 and the another precious lifelong friend of mine, Tom Russell's funeral is Saturday. Death is so sad for us who remain on this earth, but it is soooooo GREAT for those who die in Christ and who lived their lives sacrificially for the cause of Christ. I am sure that both of these men were met by God saying "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," because they both absolutely were. After studying the book "Heaven" and studying the scripture where we can find out what heaven is really going to be like, I truly do envy where both of these men are. Heaven is going to be a physical place where we will have physical, but perfect bodies. After having done this study, there is just so much more to it than I ever understood before. If you ever have a chance to get the book or do the study, you need to get it. It is life (and death)changing! Also, I didn't know about the prospects of you moving. I love the townhouse in the pictures, but are you sure that red carpets and gold fixtures aren't more to your preference:) Love you girl! I'll talk with you soon!