Friday, June 6, 2008

Need words

My mouth opens and nothing comes out but thoughts keep flying through my brain.

I start to type, and the backspace key is used more than any others.

I start to think about one thing and my mind jumps ten hundred other places.

So what do I do, I get out the ole blank piece of paper and pencil. I draw a circle and put "My Life". If you know me, your laughing b/c you might know that I do this often before going to bed when I am thinking about so many different things that I can't sleep. Anyway, from the circle, I put little circles all around with different areas of my life such as work, church, family, friends, relationship, living conditions, money, health, etc. Then from each of those goes another branch of with those things that either I am concerned about or thinking. If I could scan this right out and post it I would, however, it wuold be several different sheets taped together all crazy different ways. :)

Let's just say this: God's moving! I've been away this week in Jackson at a client site and found myself frustrated because the trip got extendent three days. God moved---God knew that Thursday night I would hear His word spoken in a new and real way from someone that I respect. After being active and serving as president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes through middle and high school, I became on staff my freshman year at Mississippi College and worked for there state office. With that position, I was mentored by Godly men that represented each of the state regions. I served on staff with them, went to New York after 911 to do missions with them, went on the staff cruise with them and they have had a huge impact on my life. Well this week was oddly enough (not odd with God in charge) FCA leadership camp in Jackson, MS which meant all the state staff would be in town for the camp. Well guess what- I got to go to the worship service. On top of that, I go into the worship service and see the college pastor at had while at Countrywoods Baptist Church. Then I see this familiar face leading worship- turns out to be Brad Johnson that I met at Taylor and Lindsey's wedding two weeks ago. :) God's good! Anyway, I am hugging necks with the staff and waiting to go in to worship, while I talk to one of the staff guys. He's amazing-----He gave me words of encouragement we took a few steps and he said Tiffay, you know what I saw you walk in this place and God started speaking to me, He wants me to remind you . . . . . . . . He's there. His merices are new every morning, there is no move that will ever change His love for you. You need to remain strong, focused, and in His grip. God is going to provide you a Godly Christ centered man. He is going to take your health and restore it. He is going to provide you peace and remind you as you travel back and forth that you worship with Him is real. He went to continue to pour out his heart and what God was telling him to speak to me. It's sad that sometimes we let the negative things that are spoken to us replace the positive things we hear. I have heard it before that it takes 10 positive encouragements to replace that one bad spoken word. Sadly enough, I believe that is truth in my life. Words are huge in my life- One of my spiritual gifts is Words of Encouragement. I love to give them, and were then given I treasure them. However, I do know that my worth is not in words, but in Christ. The words He spoke to me, are straight from His Word. I'm a hands on and vocal person though, and sometimes I admit a little stubern so I do have to heard things over and over. So let's just say that I'm on the upward track. God's using His words to replace the hurtful words. My worth is not in this world, my church, my job, or even my family. My worth is in Christ and even as I don't understand why, he did pay the ulimate price for me. I will never hear Him say, I paid x over what I should have for you. I am His! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

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