Monday, June 2, 2008

I'll be there . . .

Wow---what a busy weekend! It's amazing how God provides and says I'll be there! I've been in the dump lately dealing with many of life's fun issues: the business of work, health issues, desicions to make with changes in friendships and relationships, church, , friendships that are hurting, friends that are dealing with ill parents, and so much more. Through it all God has reminded me that He is there. To many times lately I have closed either my car door or the door to my house and rested my head on the door, or headset saying we made it! Thank you God! WE MADE IT! Why do I think, He'll let me down? Anyway, the pace hasn't slowed down any and neither have the challenges however I'm learning just like a baby learning to roll over, then crawl and then stumble and walk, and then finally full speed RUN! I'm getting there: I'm learning to say maybe, instead of yes---babystep to no! I'm learning to say, I'm sorry when would you like that done? I'm learning . . . . . and God continues to say,,,,I'll be there for you.

Can I tell you that's what has gotten me through?

To my friends: I'm sorry, I haven't listen to any of you. I didn't realize or understand how I had really distanced myself from "outside life".

Anyway--this weekend was a beginning of an awaking. I started Tuesday night, with saying "See ya later to some friends" Scott, Robin, Emily, and Kerri Anne-- I love ya'll! Praying God's best for you in VA! I enjoyed our time and look forward to many more memories.

Then I moved on Wednesday night to check or Ressa and her mom. Her mom had surgery to remove a brian tumor. Praise God they were able to get 90% of one of them and then the other they are going to check on again in a month. She is doing well, and will start rehab soon. Please be praying for there family as God continues to heal and move within them. After we left the hospital, Jennifer and I got to have dinner which we really never get to do just the two of us anymore. We even did our best thing ever and look at houses. (Little did I know the next day rent was going to be going up so much with my lease agreement and I would be needed to look) We had a wonderful time catching up and realizing that even though she might be married and I might be a workfreak that we're still the same girls we use to be when in college two years ago. Then Friday night came around, I was suppost to go to my parents but worked late and so Mike and Brandy and the kids came here. We had a wonderful night and a lot of fun laughing and cutting up. Do you see where I am going with this? God said, through it all He was there and He showed me that I have others that with Him support me. Saturday I got to have lunch with a friend of mine Mickey and his wife Laura. Mickey and I go back twelve years now from when I first started youth at FBC Moss Point. How things have changed between us. It was great to just be together! Saturday night, I drove to Brookhaven to see Hampton and Lindsey. I can't believe they have been here a year. How I quickly feel in place with them, as they were preparing for VBS! Then guess what, Mike and Brandy couldn't help but come join the party too,,,,,they didn't want to be left out! It felt as if I had my family back together as we had dinner lastnight together.

But guess where I am now, I'm sitting at my previous job The Fellowship of Christian Athletes office. I came to Jackson for an install with work, but made the best of the trip by being surrounded by friends througout. So after working at the jobsite this morning, I had paper work to do, emails to catch up, phone calls to return so FCA had joked about my office being open so I just happened to come back and use it! How great these people are!!! Christy and Lester even took me to lunch on behalf of Bill b/c he wasn't here. I feel so loved in this moment----you know what's the greatest though, it isn't over! I get to meet up with Anna---:) You know what that means- there has to be time for shopping!

Anyway, all that to say I realized God says He'll be there and He is more so than anyone else ever. I am going to go home and sadly enough not be surrounded by friends in the same way as I am right now, but God says,

I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.

I'll be there for you, like I've been there before. I'll be there for you!

You know what's funny- is those are the words to the Friends theme song. I praise God for who He is, but am also thankful for the friends He uses in my life to be there for me too.

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Payne Family said...

Glad to see that God did great things for you this week! Miss you, Love you!