Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last Saturday was an eventful day. Both brides were beautiful and had picture perfect day.
I enjoyed seeing Taris and all the friends there to celebrate her special day. It was really awesome standing there as people came in, because I got to hug so many people I hadn't see in forever, some sadly enough I didn't even realize until they came up to me and started talking. Still need to post those pictures---sorry! I cried my eyes out through the wedding, because wow- Taris got married! I'm so excited for her. Everything was so cute with the personal touches everywhere---it was a day perfect for them.

Of course with the double weddings- the stress level was high trying to make both events and not wanting to cut anyone short. I made it to Sandy's reception and it was beautiful. The Tiffany's blue of course added a special touch:) The kids were so precious all dressed up. Lauren, Dean and Joanne's daughter, dressed and played her heart out stepping on her dress the entire time, finally she ripped the skirt to it was just hanging behind her by a couple of threads, it didn't stop her she kept dancing with her slip on, until she fell asleep. Then you have Kyle and Emma who were the cuttest kids ever and so good. Ava got to play and dance with me which of course I loved. (Posting picture of that soon too) Anyway, it was intresting watching everyone else and enjoying the kids.

I cut the evening short, as I was so tired and knew I had a long but exciting day ahead.

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