Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip to Pinelake

Rise and Shine---I got up extremely early and headed to Jackson to visit Pinelake. What an incridble ride I had, me and God---listening to His word, singing his praises, and an awesome time of prayer while the sun came up. It was a great three hours. I had a personal escourt to the church by Bill, (he was talking me through the backroads to the church and while sitting at the redlight I'm putting on makeup, changing shoes, added a shirt on top of what I was wearing, and finally the light changes and he is stilling talking to me and I see this black SUV turn on it's lights pulled to the side infront of me, I saw this car at the light but didn't think anything of it. Well needless to say, I was freaking out and it was Bill- he sure got a good laugh watching and hearing me panic. Ha Ha---Anyway, we went to the church and it was amazing! They are in the middle of a sermon series "Me and My Big Mouth". It was an awesome message and of course was challenged by the visual they gave. Everyone got a tonge depressor, and it has the sermon title with a scritpture on it. We're suppost to put in a place and be challenged to remember how use our mouth for the glory of God, and guard our toung against sin. I've worked hard this week, speaking positive and encouraging words---pray it only gets better. Anyway it was an awesome time of worship there and I of course enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing old--Brian Boiko a close friend from Moss Point that I graduated with, saw me and came after the service and attacked me. Then after the service Bill and I met Matt for lunch and had a great time of fellowship there too. It was a special day! Thanks Bill for all your help! That's about it---I'm going to follow the sermon and keep me and my big mouth shut----help me by doing the same please!

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