Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oogie Orginals

Oogie Orginal's are now on the market! My mom is Oogie and she is now a professional potter. I'm so proud of her, this time last year my parents started taking intrest in pottery. We did a class together and then this spring they did another ten week class and since then my mom has been hooked. She had a piece at there office that she did and Mrs. Sally, who owns a store came in and ask who the artist was and where she got it. Once it was told, my mom made it, she ask if she had other pieces and ended up coming to the house and getting all the things momma has made to sell at her store. All of this happened Thursday night, she called momma on Friday to ask her to come see it all displayed and let her know she had already sold three peices. My mom is so excited and this is a great relief for her from the stresses of normal life.

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