Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hampton's Ordination

After leaving Jackson, I headed down to Brookhaven for Hampton's ordination service. I stopped at the hotel and feel asleep while talking to my mom. I quickly woke up, when the maintenance man was standing at the foot of the bed----Yeah I was scared and screaming! Anyway, everything was fine when the manager came down and explained. Anyway- so I went to the church and was able to experience this special time with Hampton and Lindsey and there families. It is so awesome to think back seven years ago when I meet them and what all God's done. He's amazing!!! As much as I miss them being close, it is awesome to see they are completely where God wants them to be. It was a very sweet and special service in Honor of what Christ has and will do in there lives. I was so humbled to see the dozens of people that poured there love and prayers over them. It made me feel better to know they are being taken care of and loved. After all, look how cute they are? No, they haven't changed at all, except they are expanding the Sims family to add a precious one to the family. Yeah---I get to be an aunt again- the precious little boy is due in February.

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