Friday, October 3, 2008

A process

I'm learning that life is a process and doesn't happen in my timing! (Yeah, I'm a slow learner, and it's taking me a while!) I desire things in life but trying to remember that God is in control and things are in His timing and His will. However, today I got way to wrapped up in myself. Today, I had a great day to be a "mommy." Doug had to fly out of town, Ali had a horse show and so they ask me if I could trade time and keep the kids-- crazy question and like I would say no to that! :) So I go to pick up Ava run around, and then pick up Emma from school. The emotions overcame me, and as I sat in the carpool line, I felt crazy because I'm sitting there crying- watching all the happy moms with there kids run to them in there little SUV's. Then comes my precious Emma runny with her teacher, Tifffffyyyyy!!!! She tells her teacher, this is my friend Miss. Tifffy, she loves me! Okay, my heart was really melted then. So we go on to the house and put the girls to bed for naps, and then get Kyle from the bus stop---again as the bus is coming down the street, I see his head out the window and hear, Miss Tiffyyyyyyy Miss Tiffyyyyy!!! I again was overwhelmed with emotions. It was such a wonderful work day. I understand that being a mom is very difficult, and this was just a day and not a full lifetime of it, but it was so sweet feeling so love and needed. I can only imagine how it must really feel to be a parent or even more to God and have the joy of seeing your kids come to us with excitment. That's what I want to do more, is rest in my Heavenly Father's arms with love and excitment and be happy just being there! Got a long way to go---but again today I was given hope and peace, and if I am single forever, I have other kids that love me!

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