Saturday, October 4, 2008


I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard! So I'm sitting here, the kids are sleeping and I'm checking email, facebook and about to take a nap myself. Turn on the TV and I'm flipping through and find, "TLC- What Not To Wear" so I'm watching it and really excited because it is a girl my size on there. (Wait, don't have laugh yet, that isn't the funny part!) But they are going through, and I'm thinking about the things they are telling her. It was pretty scary as I could just imagine me on there---we've joked about it but goodness! Anyway, so I look up and she is wearing what I'm wearing right now. Ha Ha Ha! I about died, I thought wow she has good taste and that looks good on here. I thought WRONG! Here come the monsters to destroy her thoughts---they said how unflattering it was and just go from head to toe and tell her what was wrong-I felt as if I was her! Seriously we had the same shirt on from Lane Bryant and the same pants---shoes were different but my goodness!! Anyway, needless to say I'm scared! I had to go to the website, and I might have to apply to be on the show myself.

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Vallie said...

You are crazy girl! You always are dressed very nicely. Those people usually dress horribly with sweatpants or with clothes that are WAAAAAYYYYY too tight. You never look like those people. I sometimes disagree with Stacy and Clinton because we don't always have to dress up all the time. The older I have gotten, the more into dressing comfortably I have gotten. Life is too short not to be somewhat comfortable. I believe we can dress comfortably and still appear to be well groomed however. It is funny that you were wearing exactly the same thing the girl had on though. I have watched it several times and thought I have something that looks like that that I wear all the time and I thought it looked pretty good:)