Friday, October 17, 2008

So much to share . . . .

Wow- it's been a busy week! Between the weddings, going to Jackson, Pinelake, Brookhaven, working early shift, dinner with friends, doctor's appointments, having a horrible headache, and just everything else a week holds---it's been crazy! I will make seprate post that ya'll have to read individually but just wanted to let everyone know I am alive. I have had several people ask, if I jumped off a cliff with the two weddings. I didn't----thought about it, but didn't do it!

Anyway, hopefully this weekend will be wonderful and relaxing! I am not on call! Praise God! I am hopefully going to a movie tonight, going to clean tomorrow and play around the house, and then go the Casting Crowns concert tomorrow night. So I'm excited about those things.

So for now- thanks for checking on me. I am going to start cleaning while the pictures are transfering and then hopefully I'll be able to make other post.

Have a great weekend all-

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